APHIS and the Rulemaking Process+ Local Ordinances

For those concerned with APHIS



We also pose these questions, not 100% directly related to APHIS, but related:

IF APHIS regs were to remain, and local ordinances such as the one in San Diego were to prevail nationwide, if such Ordinances appeared to actually apply to those smaller hobby breeders under APHIS, what effect would that have on such breeders? Would anyone be worried about a cap on the number of dogs bred when small breeders are targeted?

Do APHIS regs as they stand, mean to imply that the Federal Government intends to actually preempt the field for the most part, of the breeding of dogs (for example) since it has been stated in national pet product surveys,  that the majority of live animal sales are from small breeders?

Since the issue of dogs is generally handled by the States, if APHIS intends to occupy the field without saying it point blank, and the majority of regulated breeders are either commercial or hobby breeders, does that mean that local ordinances would have authority over the hobby breeders, so that the no selling by any commercial entity of any pets except rescued pets would apply to hobbyists? but not to rescues?

These questions are purposely designed to get people to think— because if people don’t start waking up here— they will be outlawed from breeding by laws that don’t apply to them— or so they thought……….. maybe we can call it the okie doke?



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