HSUS Against PICA Interstate Commerce

BACKGROUND  (as stated by NAIA)

In 2008, California voters imposed costly new restrictions on California egg producers. In 2010, when legislators better appreciated how uncompetitive these unfunded mandates would leave California egg producers, and at the behest of radical animal rights groups, they adopted new legislation. This legislation would bar all eggs sold in California, even if produced legally in other States, unless they met the new California mandates.

This is the new model for activism, imposing national standards, not from Washington, but from Sacramento and other powerful State Capitols. What the King Amendment will do is protect farmers who produce a safe, affordable food product from having to comply with the ill-informed demands adopted by voters in a state that is thousands of miles away.

As the Wall Street Journal editorialized, (“California’s Hen Pecking” August 15, 2013), “If California’s liberal imperialists want to impose their social and economic agenda on the rest of the country, they have to go through Congress. Sacramento isn’t the capitol of America, thank heavens.”

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the chief opponent of the King Amendment and has an enormous misinformation ad campaign against it.

WELL California isn’t Congress BUT Californians are so stupid, they try to finance bullet trains in a depression, they outlaw sales of animals and then they (AR sponsored)  FLY them– to other states and countries, and they FOOL the people nearly 90% of the time, usually the people that voted for Obama.  How much you want to bet that Proposition 2 would enacted in any state if HSUS could finance it? This is how state laws usurp the government. They let all the states pass a zillion laws and when they conflict with reality, lawsuits spring up everywhere.


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