How to Use Animals to Raise Funds

Of course there is nothing wrong with puppies being born. Unless the ARs tell us we shouldn’t have puppies. Then using the typeset example herein, NOT the name of the group or entity, only the type of video production alone, we can see quickly how animals are used to sway the public. Especially the music.

The truth is that these animals would not do well in a shelter with babies since disease is an ever-present problem. Of course they take them out. NOT because they had to save them, but because any rescue would know, puppies mean donations. Everyone WANTS a puppy just about. These puppies are at risk only because of the shelter element of disease. Never believe there is any other reason (such as they can’t get homes) TRUST US– all puppies can find homes. It’s when they are no longer puppies that they end up in shelters.

Highly sought after purebred puppies are never in shelters. No one in their right mind brings in $2,000 dogs and the puppies to a shelter. NO ONE.

And a pet store adult dog and her puppies are included in the NO ONE.

To be honest, here is the truth: If all animals in the shelters were in fact, products of commercial bred dogs and puppies, the shelters would be empty, because they all would have been sold.

That’s one way to not have unwanted shelter animals. Only breed that which people want, and then work out the thing called  constitutional law. You simply cannot eliminate the commerce of sales of animals by claiming it’s not humane, and then duplicating that law like Obamacare. Even Obamacare did not pass the commerce clause when it forced people to buy the insurance. You cannot force people to buy the health insurance. If you want to drive you are supposed to get a driver’s license. They cannot force you to get one.


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