Does ‘Free speech’ Beat Out ‘Illegal’ ? You Judge.

Pause for a short moment, re Obamacare– and ask yourself; Can everyone be forced into buying healthcare insurance? [Supreme Ct. has already said no, it violates the Commerce Clause….]

Can we force people to buy things they may not want or need, can we force businesses to SELL things they don’t want to sell? (Make sure to see the protester video and how they are blocking the entryway and basically running off business. )That is called direct interference with business by shouting out and creating problems. There have already been police reports and far, far more. However the “ordinance” banning sales of anything but rescued animals is in San Diego, and this video is take in Oceanside. The protesters are trespassing which is a state law violation or local law but all of the actions are due to the protesters and their hostility toward the store, as Oceanside did not pass a similar pet ban.

Can we force Walmart to sell brand A and not brand B because brand B employs workers that only earn 5cents per day and they can’t afford to pay rent? Whereas brand A pays their workers 1.00 per day and gives them free rent?  Can we impose strictly moral beliefs upon what every business owner can sell or operate?  Can we close down strip clubs, poker rooms, gambling joints, casinos, and stop them from offering things BECAUSE WE DON’T BELIEVE IT’S MORALLY RIGHT AND WE ARE AGAINST IT?

Can we force farms to stop selling cattle because we don’t believe in eating meat? Because animals have to be killed so we can eat the meat? Can we illegalize the sale of fur coats, leather, animal parts or animal meat because some people don’t  believe in using animals for anything?  All of the mentioned subject would affect commerce,  as would the sale of dogs and cats.

While the above might seem ludicrous, what is NOT ludicrous is the fact that the bans ON THE SALE OF COMMERCIAL RAISED ANIMALS is being imlemented city by city by those who would believe they are doing nothing illegal. And to quote the guy in Forbes:

“That’s because most have never taken in what Madison had to say about exactly this kind of problem in Federalist #37: “It is a misfortune, inseparable from human affairs, that public measures are rarely investigated with that spirit of moderation which is essential to a just estimate of their real tendency to advance or obstruct the public good; and that this spirit is more apt to be diminished than prompted, by those occasions which require an unusual exercise of it.”

In other words, Madison would not be the least bit surprised at today’s scene, and would remind us that it is precisely at moments of highest passion that it should be most difficult to enact sweeping new laws.




FORCING  a pet store to ONLY sell “non profit, rescued” animals, PERIOD is not logic based and has no basis in general other than protesters “want” it.   There is no rational basis for it to begin with, and there is no legal method to make it legal, in our opinion, especially when the non profits are regulating the market, sourcing, middle-manning, wholesaling and then retailing.  The closest thing we have that was PASSED by voters is PROP 2, that eggs with shells must come from hens that live in blah blah blah according to HSUS.

Other than that, commercial kennels are governed by the United States Federal Government under the AWA and then USDA-APHIS. But cities are actually outlawing sales of animals sourced from legal kennels, by CLAIMING they are PMs. If ever there was a misrepresentation galore, this must be it.

If USDA decides to change the commercial kennel laws, fine, but that is not the question. Instead, USDA-APHIS has included small breeders in many instances. Every breeder in the USA should be up in arms. See our post re USDA preemption of Congress 1/25/14.

But the ARs have done so much damage with their persistent nonsense, that no one has any balls left. Well, we must be the exception.

or how about this: Judge says cake baker is forced to make cake for gay wedding?


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