Great Dog for the “Humane” Model Pet Store

Revised/shortened, but essentially this was seen online:

My Border Collie, desperately needs a new home.  He is six years old, neutered, tri-colored, and is incredibly smart. Loves bike rides, swimming, chasing tennis balls, knows dozens of tricks.

The one problem with him is when indoors and cornered or challenged, he snaps. Has bitten a handful of times, which is why I haven’t been able to find him a home. The only place I’d be comfortable with him going is a home with adults, who know about border collies and their weirdness.
Ideal home would be with adults, and with other dogs close to his size or larger. Has never had a bite incident outdoors (we believe it’s a territorial/cornered/fear issue), so him being an outdoor dog (with warm shelter) would be ideal.

Positive Qualities: Healthy, smart, fast, alert, learns very quickly, eager to please/play, never tires out, good on a leash (runs alongside for bike rides on a leash) housebroken, not destructive, no separation anxeity, barks when he hears a noise but stops when told to hush, knows basic commands (heel, sit, stay, down) and many tricks. Loves water and swimming, jumping, walks, bike rides, playing with leaves, learning new tricks. Lets you know when he needs out of the house, no accidents in the house since he was a puppy. Shy but friendly with new people, leaves things alone, even food, when told to. Does not jump on people or at gates/doors. Excited at first but calms down quickly. Usually comes when called. Rides ok in a car, trained to “go potty” before getting into a car.

Negative Qualities:  Has bitten five people and one small dog, drawing blood and causing puncture wounds. Bites have been accidentally provoked. Triggers seem to be being woken/startled (bit foot near him), weakness in other dogs, jealousy over food with other dogs and people (sometimes). You can pet and talk to him and even reach into his food bowl though, without anything happening.

After the bite he growls and stands over the person/dog and would bite again if we hadn’t thrown something at him. After some bites he wags his tail and acts “sorry” (licks his lips and tried to nuzzle, tail wagging, ears down) Acts fearful when he hears the sprinklers go on, and hides. If you try to get him to come out he growls and snaps to get you to leave him alone. Bears teeth and snarls when threatened.

Last time he bit, there was food in the room and someone was playing on the floor with him. Told him to “go find your toy” with a gentle push in the toy’s direction. He turned and bit the perosn’s arm three times, then went after her feet before I was able to scare him off. Would NOT trust around small children AT ALL. HATES skateboards and goes crazy when he sees on on the street. goes after the board, not the rider. (We think it’s the sound of the wheels).
DOB. July 2007 (6 years old)
Weight: Approx. 50lbs

Personally— we don’t think a dog like this should be owned, would not trust the dog with adults or kids, and know some rescue will insist it should be saved. There is no point to perpetuating an ongoing liability, thank God the dog’s neutered. And accidentally allowing it to bite and puncture the skin? Are you kidding? And you still want the damn dog to get a good home?

Now you see why we don’t like rehoming pets in many instances. Although it’s claimed this dog was obtained as a puppy, the fact is the dog seems schizoid, regardless of any good points. We say it’s time to say bye bye the quick way, a la PETA.

Note: Imagine this dog going to a large pet store, shown for adoption, and it goes bezerk in the store and attacks 2 adults and 3 kids. Whose fault would that be? Pet store, rescue showing dog, dog owner (if not the rescue) or someone else?


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