Questions That You Can’t answer?

Can a Judge FORCE some bakery owner to bake a wedding cake for gay couple?

Can a city FORCE the sale ONLY of shelter animals?

Can a teacher FORCE a kid to write a hate story?

Can an employer FORCE employees to buy products ONLY from (example) Target?

Can a state law make “off leash dogs” into animal abuse?

Can a county FORCE people to buy ONLY altered animals? Altered livestock?

Could a city law eliminate all sales of dogs? How about just one breedtype?

Could a state law eliminate all sales of commercial bred dogs?

Could a county eliminate all sales of dogs by home breeders?

If you can answer all of these questions correctly then you know that just because a law is PASSED doesn’t mean it’s valid.  Most people do not look at the law when laws are passed, they don’t think about the law, they only think of other things. That’s apparently what city councils nationwide do. They simply pass things they know very little about. They listen to endless propaganda. They listen to Hollywood. They listen to movie stars. They listen to HSUS. No wonder there is a problem in the USA.



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