“Banning” Animal Sales: Forcing ‘Adoption’ as the “Cure?”

Originally posted Dec 2011:


Truth: Animal Rights want NO SALES of any animals.

This TRUTH is  factual…. This TRUTH is visibly obvious.  This TRUTH shows that animal rights does not believe that animals are property.  If animals were not property one could not sell, buy, breed or own them.  The Animal Rights Law “Casebook” clearly makes that evident. We hated to “buy” the book but were forced to “buy” it just so we could read everything they keep touting…. Right now there is only one “casebook” but eventually the ARs will probably publish another.

ALL of the abuse laws drafted are based upon the “lifestyle belief” premise that animals are not property. ALL.


on the sale of animals  

is a critical, huge, monumental PROBLEM.

        LAWS that purposely restrict transferring            

or selling or which USE FORCED “adoption” combined

with FORCED restraint on trade is illegal.*

Further, animal rights is saying in 2009 2010 and 2011 that only “non profits” can sell animals, as evidenced by their continued ploy which says  “non profits” can sell, display and transfer pets in pet stores or  or anywhere outside. BUT not the general public.  What kind of idiot would even think to buy into that nonsense and insanity?

*This subject is generally ignored by lawmakers as something which is a state issue or a local issue–but when APHIS under the AWA [set up by HSUS or similar]– set up their new guidelines/rules in September 2013, it clearly affected many thousands of groups, breeders, dog clubs and others. and a Federal lawsuit was recently filed December 2013, to challenge the new APHIS regs.

To us, IF the rule was intended as a Federal preemption attempt, it was not shown by Congress, since in 2003 the legal case decision of Doris Day v Venneman indicated that small time home breeders were not intended to be considered as pet stores. HSUS Doris Day tried to challenge that to the SCOTUS, who would not hear the case. That case, therefore, is still the current law. New ordinance bans coupled with APHIS regs end up regulating all of dog/cat or at least puppy sales in most cases. This ends up stifling the sales of new puppies for the most part. No one bothers to READ the ordinance bans? Ordinance bans+APHIS regs equals interstate commerce interference.

“Re-homing” one’s owned animals under current CA law exempts non profits and pet stores. Giving away an animal can be characterized as animal “abuse” under the SB 917 as sponsored by AR groups for past 3 sessions, but they call it malicious mischief, but when cited, the code is under PC 597 which contains nearly all of the animal abuse statutes.


Folks– HSUS has fed people their line of shit so long that we are drowning in bullshit. The truth. There is NO point to mincing words when it comes down to  passing bad laws such as animal sales bans, ordinance bans, etc. Carving out sales of commercial kennel dogs is a highly obvious ploy to dismantle the sale of such animals, period. There is no other reason for the bans.

HSUS never uses facts, they use bullshit. They hire their own experts that are linked in with their own group/companies. Pure bullshit through and through. When they coined the word bullshit they should have used Wayne P Idiot as the mascot, aka the biggest bullshitter of all time, even believed by those in the legislature.  The truth.  Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic.   California legislature=pathetic.


Bichon-Havanese puppy 13 weeks (Los angeles)

Moving must find home for chihuahua – (Lancaster)

Young fancy budgies  (Sacramento, CA) pic

chi pup, long hair (Redding)

10 wk old Fem chihuahua mix  – ( Grass Valley) pic

Poodle (toy) and min pin rehome – (Susanville)

sunsent Gourami- free – (Newcastle)

Very cute Buns  $10+up (Davis) pic

Box tortise  – (Modesto) pic

Sun conure  – (Fresno)

4 yr old  APBT red nose, friendly (cordelia) pic

Free to good home, amstaff with papers, trained – (Placerville)

2 kittens, box trained, shots – (Fairfield) pic

1 Kitten, white with blue eyes $5  3 mo old, shots- (Fair Oaks) pic

3 chickens and one duck rehoming (Galt)

Pug, black and friendly boy–lost our house  (Clarksburg) pic

Free to good home,  15lb terrier mix, have vet papers- (rio linda)

Cute 20lb doggies, good with kids $50- (Yuba City) pic

Hunting dog, black lab  6mo old – (Carmichael/Fair Oaks)

chiwin mix 3yr, male needs new owner- (vallejo) pic

Great Sibe dog, male, obed trained needs more training- (Granite Bay)

Kittens (3)  almost free, shots paid for – (Daly city) pic

5yr old male min pin mixed with small terrier  $30 – (Carmichael)

Bichon-terrier mixed 15lb, male, not housebroken (San Jose)

Bunny rabbits for 4H competition or pets – (North Highlands)

Adult tabby cat, beautiful and friendly for lonely couple- ( elk grove)

1 dog (small) and 1 cat (large) need to go together – (San Diego)

2 cats, inside, 1 dog, rehoming  no fee to good home – (so Lk tahoe)

3mo old kittens, all shots, fixed  $10 – (Fair Oaks) pic

GSD mix, good temperament, don’t want to go to shelter   – (Dixon)

Guinea pigs (2) friendly, handled, for kids who know how to care for – (Elk grove)

Lhasa apso, beautiful and sweet, needs home – (Stockton)

2 rabbits, homeless now but can you help? – (Orangevale)

american bulldog,  family lost house  (family dog)

German shepherd, great dog but not trained with kids- (SACRAMENTO)

2 snakes– moving/want owner w/small snake exper (Richmond-Oaklnad)

chihuahua, purebred, trained but I can’t find apt to take pets- (Hollister) pic

Kittens feral, need help with shots/altering – (San Pablo)

kittens available in 1 week, have papers and vet appt- (Concord)

My adopted dog needs new home, medium sized female – (Elverta, CA)

Poodle, 7lb, needs to be rehomed she is 7yr old- (West Sacramento )

Mixed puppy, lab/shepherd looking for good home – (Citrus Heights) pic

Mini dox 6yr old, rehome to good couple – (redding)

Pug dogs have two that need to go together  (North Highlands)

chihuahua, has long hair but doesn’t like men- (granite bay ) pic

2 bantams and 5 hens, various – (Penryn)

Cute, well behaved cat, no issues needs home  (Sacramento) pic

small snakes about 6 -8 weeks- great for projects at school (El Dorado Hills) pic

Non feral kittens, we vaxed them but need homes – (Fontana)

short hair 25lb  mixed breed fem, long hair, can u help?- (Santa Rosa) pic

male cat, 2yr, used to family, friendly and handsome – (Antelope) pic

cat is tortie, 3 yr female, shots and loves dogs – (Elk Grove) pic

Great friendly/cute doggie, med sized, housebroke (Placer)

2 kittens, must go to approved home- (Wilton / Elk Grove Area) pic

we need homes for fostering kittens (Lincoln)

Beagle fe and male for a new home due to barking (rocklin, CA) pic

bully dog with short legs, very low key, quiet but homeless – (Loomis)

boa snake  please email for info – (eldorado hills) pic

APBT owner, needs companion dog – (Galt)

Pom mix 6lb-adopted/need to get new home (Newcastle)

3 birds, small to bird owner – (Folsom) pic

3 parakeets, 4 yr old – (carmichael) pic

Male pitbull, needs better owner – (Galt) pic

Want loving home for little pinscher – (Folsom, CA) pic

2 dwarf buns, 1 chinchilla colored lop (Roseville)

Cockatiel pair – (Lincoln) pic

Sibemix male, needs obed trainer (Nor Cal)

3 love birds, hand raised to good home $10 – (Sacramento)

Siamese cat 3yr old, neuterd not that friendly though (Chico, Ca) pic

Lop bun, friendly, black, cute- (Chico) pic

Great dog, extra large to qualified home – (Chico, CA) pic

Really great dog- (Monterey)

.…and that’s just from ONE day of looking at various listings–not a week, not a month, not 3 months—that’s just from viewing SOME of the ads—-there are many thousands more across CA cities!!!

Remarkably, we  were told by an alleged, nameless party claiming h/she was an advocate for service handlers,  that SB917 ONLY applies to the commercial display of LIVESTOCK but obviously, livestock was “exempted” via 4H exemption early in the game……. WOW– where do we get these people from? Just stupid, or an AR trying to con an attorney????

You don’t have to be very smart to figure out what ARs are doing. They are trying to close off the display, transfer, selling and buying of all animals. And they started with pet stores because their “don’t buy a puppy”  marketing campaigns tricked everyone into believing that every single puppy in the world lives and is born in squalor.  OH BROTHER!!   We all cannot be that dumb.

It would only take 3 illegal raids for HSUS et al to gain 300 dogs and then make videos with the same dogs??   Knowing that AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act)  is out there, the animal rights extremists are trying to use the legal path to outlawing animals by CLAIMING that alleged “overpopulation” is the reason.

Of course that is NOT the actual reason— it is just the ploy HSUS and others use to gain their way of no selling, no owning of animals.

Let’s recall that HSUS and ASPCA are being sued for RACKETEERING/CORRUPTION…….let’s recall that a FEDERAL JUDGE already found in a 50+page decision–that the Animal Rights groups PAID some guy to “be” the Plaintiff.  ASPCA has already PAID over $9,000,000 over racketeering charges in the circus case. Racketeering is codified under the RICO statues.

 GET IT?  


The truth is that we find higher numbers of animals in shelters in the lowest economic areas—which calls out for targeted altering, NOT BANS ON ANIMAL SALES.  This is a social welfare issue used by Animal Rights to make a sales pitch for their own lifestyle beliefs (that no animal is property.)  Under prevailing law, all animals are considered property.

Anyone that knows/follows the shelter issues in California realizes at least one fact: Los Angeles cannot successfully implement ‘no kill’ until they get a handle on the 50% of dogs that are killed which keep coming from the same, known, exact area of Los Angeles, and it ISN’T the high priced mini mutts or designer dogs that don’t find homes.  And by failing to use the targeted altering IN THAT AREA— Los Angeles is simply pulling the wool over  YOUR  eyes. We can repeat it 50 million times but the general public IGNORES it.

Shelter animals in Los Angeles are simply being USED by ARs to implement the elimination of breeding, selling, raising, showing, displaying and owning animals, period. The ARs purposely set up alleged “no kill” several years ago, all the while knowing that they were NOT doing the targeted altering in the ONE known area which produces fully, 50% of the intake of dogs that do NOT get homes/are killed…….

The fact that the “targeted” so-called “breeder animals” comprise almost none of the shelter population is never discussed by ARs because that would eliminate their so-called argument.

So any  so-called  “no-kill” attempts by ARs in Los Angeles were doomed to failure from the very beginning. They like to blame Ed Boks but seriously, it would not have mattered who it was if there was no targeted altering in the one KNOWN area—there could never be no-kill success.  It takes about 6-7 years to see a shelter downturn in numbers, even with about 70% of animals altered.

So surely Los Angeles ARs were not expecting “no-kill” success when they did it improperly!  Their lame “no-kill”  baloney was just that. It was never an actual, factual attempt to do what is required, and NOT lie about it. Nearly all shelters manipulate their shelter data numbers. To think otherwise is foolish. However, when the $$ amounts are calculated re the killing solution used to allegedly kill X number of X animals, the liars usually surface because far more killing solution is used than is typically logged, if they are in fact, manipulating their data.  ARs running shelters would be the ones to do this type of thing.  After all, their credo is to do anything short of killing a person. 

Despite the “MSN” in Los Angeles being upheld by the Appeals Court, it will only result in more animals being abandoned or seized and killed.  It will not result in LESS animals being killed as FACTS have already shown that mandatory altering does not work.  

It does not work because of the obvious fact that non-altering [of less desirable animals, usually unknown mixed breed, medium sized juvenile males, which end up being killed in the pound] is a social welfare issue, it is not a buy-sell-breeder issue as HSUS and the ARs keep pandering. Their own shelter records prove this.

 It is not the alleged “pet profiteering” that HSUS et al keeps claiming. Profit has nothing to do with dead shelter animals, as the mandated reimbursement for killed animals is an unpaid debt [mandated by the Hayden law, a la ARs]  currently gathering dust in CA and suspended by the State, since the State is broke.

Shelter animals are killed for reasons that are numerous, but in general, profit is not one of the factors. The ARs would have US believe that it is,  by using their well-known emotional commercials, and other propaganda. Highly financed propaganda displayed as “advertisements.” 

Don’t fall into that trap where Animal Rights blames owners, sellers or breeders, or transfers of animals, or commercial selling, or anything they CLAIM  as a “fact” as Animal Rights does not USE any facts. They don’t HAVE any facts, they have lifestyle BELIEFS. They take exceptions and pretend they are mainstream cases.

They use fallacy (lies) and emotional ploys and outright misrepresentation by continuing to promote their lifestyle beliefs that animals are not property, that animals should not be sold or bought, and that all pet stores should be closed down and not allowed to sell any animals.

According to the data on the pet industry, “pet stores account for 22% of the pet industry” and are expected to generate $11.45 BILLION [for 2010] That’s out of the nearly $50 billion total.

Example:  Many rescues and shelters only know what “HSUS tells them to do” as evidenced by Nathan Winograd’s explanation at http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=6359  where Winograd clearly does explain what some shelters/or rescues DO when it comes to “adoption” as we have tried to tell people for years.  [Very important to understand, we suggest you read it especially if you know little/nothing about rescue-shelters] Excerpt:

…” Over forty years ago, the late Phyllis Wright of HSUS, the matriarch of today’s killing paradigm, wrote in HSUS News,

I’ve put 70,000 dogs and cats to sleep… But I tell you one thing: I don’t worry about one of those animals that were put to sleep… Being dead is not cruelty to animals.

She then described how she does worry about the animals she found homes for. From that disturbing view, HSUS coined a maxim that says we should worry about saving lives but not about ending them and successfully propagated this viewpoint to shelters across the country. For many agencies, the HSUS standard is the gold standard. It is not uncommon for shelters to state they are “run in line with HSUS policies.” Consequently, it’s very easy to surrender an animal to a shelter and very hard to adopt one because of a distrust of the public. And after turning away adopters, these shelters often turn around and kill the same animals.” [emphasis added]

**So clearly IF rescues/shelters stopped following what HSUS tells them to do, there would be more animals finding homes, and less killed. For example, several rescues/or shelters refused to adopt out 7yr old black dog, a cat, etc, and another kept cats in “foster” care for 8 years. Foster care should be used only as a temporary holding place while actively looking for a permanent home, and should not be used to find reasons why no adopter is good enough.

Some AR “rescues” focus only on handicapped, hard to place, elderly, sick, and abused animals.  And all of their funding goes to that.

This means all of their time/energy/money goes to support a very limited number of animals.  Therefore their effectiveness in “saving” animals is vastly diminished and while they could have potentially saved many more adoptable creatures, they purposely did not choose to do so.  Usually we refer to these rescuers as the ones with victim rescue complex, where they do it to make themselves feel worthy or better than others, and not simply “rescuers” to benefit a host of animals.

This type of rescue will also be the most likely to take in animals that should not be sold or adopted out at all, such as known biters, dogs adopted out via rescue and returned 4 or more times for aggression,  known aggressive dogs with a huge bite history, dogs that have never been socialized and have history of fear biting or excessive dominance control issues and have repeatedly bitten; dogs that cannot be handled without muzzles 24/7. [lest you think we are making this up, we have actual factual data on this.] In fact one such rescue was in Solano County and was adopting out dogs with known biting histories. They were showing dogs at a local pet store in Natomas area of Sacramento. Fortunately the rescue closed down.  If it had not, we would have helped it along to close down.

Yet HSUS wants less adoptions to “better” people– as opposed to more adoptions to reasonable people—-which means, the HSUS AR lifestyle belief is forced onto people  who want to adopt,  as evidenced by the willingness to conform to those “lifestyle” beliefs, e.g. that one would never let a cat outdoors; that one would never keep a dog in a crate at any time;  that one would never leave an animal unattended to for more than 3 hours;  that one would never tether a dog outside; that one would never sell or display an animal; that one would never give away the animal–the list is endless. See our “Can you pass the AR abuse test” on this blog, almost 100 things listed.

Is it any wonder that any person with a sound mind would not bother to jump through those hoops unless he/she was already an AR to begin with? It boils down to better dead than fed for AR fanatics.

Example:  Post traumatic stress disorder happens after killing too many animals, look at Newkirk. Look at the HSUS  Phyllis Wright.  Newkirk went on a frenzy and killed thousands more, and now they have a giant freezer. Peta has to LIE so they can take animals from rescues, then dump the dead animals in dumpsters,  and keep killing.

Example:  HSUS promotes Michael Vick and CEO Wackjob Pacelli claims VICK would be “a great pet owner”……. YET HSUS IS TRYING TO PASS CALIFORNIA LAWS THAT WOULD MAKE OWNERSHIP OF AN ANIMAL UPON FELONY CONVICTION OF animal  “ABUSE”, ILLEGAL FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS  !!   But HSUS Wayne P Asshole is saying VICK –who allegedly tortured dogs– would be a good pet owner???

Example:  HSUS keeps trying to pass  passing   laws that the Supreme Court of the United States  has ruled — are unconstitutional. [Two are recent cases, including U.S. v Stevens and the violent video CA case [re sales to minors] published 6/27/11, plainly shooting down the HSUS drafted law..see the case on Petdefense .] Yet those laws were PASSED by the government— when HSUS had the laws drafted……….   There you go. Perhaps the government has something in mind by having an HSUS attorney appointed to head up APHIS?  She has been there since last fall.

Example:  HSUS and cronies continue to try and pass laws in California that  would severely affect both commerce, all retail sales, wholesaling, and day to day operations of most animal operations. This includes the HSUS ABUSE provisions to the California Penal Code as well….  This may not be obvious or apparent on the surface of laws that are purposely designed with language that casts a wide net so as to include transactions that are legal.

 You don’t actually think some “other groups” made up the sick laws that are AB1117 and SB917 do ya? 

Purposely designing laws in this fashion is not only unethical, it is done with misrepresentation in mind.  The CA legislature does not care if a law is unconstitutional in reality. They do care if they lose their jobs

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