New AC Legislation Proposed After AC Officer Killed

Roy_C_Marcum_ACO_CA PC 11105_10-5-2013 hwh-1

Not necessarily our view, just showing what they are pushing?

In California:

“The most dangerous situations for law enforcement officers are those that are emotionally
charged where the person contacted may feel that he or she has nothing to lose. Four situations come immediately to mind that involve these factors together:

the arrest of a fugitive felon,
calls for service related to domestic violence,

the removal and placement of a child into
protective custody,

and the seizure of an animal from a person’s home, business, or vehicle.

The first three situations are handled by well-armed, well-trained peace officers (generally
more than one police officer per call). The fourth situation is handled daily by ACOs that are unarmed, unprotected, with minimal training, and usually working alone. The dangers these ACOs face are chilling, The general public and local and state politicians are largely unaware of the need for legislation protecting ACOs.


Does anyone see that this could lead to some scenarios which will not only kill the officers, but could turn into a real big mess with family members or kids? We forsee this in the areas of less income and more hostility to AC officers. And can’t say we blame them. The ones with the hostility.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.


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