Should These Be Banned From Being Sold?

Fluffy Groomed Cows

Of course, we don’t believe in banning animals being sold.


  • Some in the beef industry worry the focus (of cuteness) could backfire if comments like “too cute to kill” become common
  • If the ARs had their way, yes these animals would be banned, along with all other animals used for food and anything else.
  • The 12 Steps of Animal Rights seeks to end the pet trade, which means they do not want animals SOLD. If the commercial use of animals was outlawed, the ARs have three results:
  •                 EXTINCTION
  •                     SANCTUARY
  •                          STERILIZE
  • — in all three options above, there is obviously no breeding, selling, or owning. The hallmark of OWNERSHIP usually means the ability to convey title. The key reason ARs want no SALES is because animals are property; ARs want animals to be NON property under the law. They want guardianship, not owners. They want adoption, not sales.  They want sterilized, not bred.  They want THEIR WAY, period.
  • Instead of TARGETING the key areas that dogs come from which the shelters cannot place– the ARs target commercial federally regulated kennels, of which essentially, very very few ever end up in shelters– at all.   In other words, ARs are not really concerned about saving shelter animals, they are actually concerned that people can buy a dog AT ALL—  and  want to FORCE people to HAVE to buy a dog/cat from a shelter. THIS IS THE HSUS INTENTION AND IT IS OBVIOUS FROM THE HSUS STANCE, ASPCA, AND BEST FRIENDS’ PITCH  while they use PM PM PM over and over and over.  Even if it’s not a PM.

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