Protesters and “Free Speech”–NOT-Watch for Yourself

Despite rabid AR protesters claiming they have free speech rights everywhere, the video shown here pretty much is not demonstrating free speech rights, nor is it necessarily allowed as shown. Sure, they are DOING it– but that doesn’t mean it is covered under free speech.

What this amounts to is trespassing and harassment and there is no ordinance that allows this. Like abortion clinic protesters, who will physically go into the clinic while patients are in surgery and try and stop the surgery, these protesters are trying to tell people what they are doing in this video is allowed. In this situation, in this particular small strip mall, no, it is not what they claim, and no, they are not allowed to do this.

For reasons that we cannot disclose at this time, the judges in San Diego have not seen this video, but they will. This is not the only one of course.

Protesters block the door, they park in customer parking spaces, they push signs at people, they scream out to everyone with bullhorns, just listen to it. They also bring dogs, including mixed breed large dogs and generic pitbulls to the front door, then stand outside with the dogs, which intimidate potential customers and kids. Of course pitbulls and large dogs are not illegal BUT when you purposely use them as a show of some type of intimidation, even if on leash, we already know that probably many people with children will not get anywhere near the dogs, and may even run away. Because such dogs can be viewed as a potential weapon by criminals, if someone is trespassing and harassing others to STOP the sales of any commodity, think about it—- should any protesters be allowed to bring as many large dogs as they want to the front entrance of a business and pretty much stay there all day?  All weekend?

*Note: We love large dogs and bullies. We have nothing against them and own them. However in the context of what is happening in the above situation, we believe that the use of the larger dogs in this scenario simply adds fuel to the fire since they are there for one reason, to intimidate customers. They are not bringing poodles or golden doodles or small puppies. This is being done on purpose. Do we really think we can go stand at the door of the 7-11 store or Walmart with 5 large dogs and a bullhorn and then scream out to people? Hardly.


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