USDA Preempts Congress, Lawsuit, HSUS Whine

USDA Preempts Congress, Enacts Online Pet-Dealing Rules

Number of dealers affected by Animal Welfare Act regulation expected to surge

September 10, 2013 RSS Feed Print

Note: whiny WP of HSUS spouts off, so we didn’t print his talking…
BUT– did we NOT say that USDA AWA had preempted?
and let’s not forget that HSUS has tried to intervene into the APHIS lawsuit.   APHIS COMPLAINT DC PACER
HSUS then filed for intervention, completely admitting 100% that HSUS had been trying for years to get this [the Rule] DONE?
Here is sample of HSUS groveling:

“The HSUS Has Standing and a Legally Protected Interest Directly
Threatened by this Matter.
The HSUS has standing and legally protected interests that are threatened by Plaintiffs’ lawsuit. If Plaintiffs are successful in setting aside the Final Rule, The HSUS will be directly
injured in several ways: First, it will again be forced to divert resources to respond to animal
cruelty emergencies at non-USDA licensed puppy mills selling to the public over the Internet;
second, it will lose an efficient route of reporting and securing the response to animal cruelty by Federal authorities; and third, it will be deprived of critical sources of advocacy and educational
information about commercial dog breeders.


HSUS is not entitled, as a private non profit, to any of the things mentioned. Second, they are all speculative at best. Third, they are simply methods of creating fund raising for HSUS and snitches. HSUS IS NOT ANIMAL CONTROL, THE GOVERNMENT OR ANY REGULATORY AGENCY. LET’S NOT FORGET THAT.


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