Shelter AC Seizes Dogs Then Lets Them Breed and Charges Owner?

A new “Facebook” page is being created to show people how seizures are being done, why there are mistakes, and how the entire thing can blow up into a nightmare for years. We do not use or endorse Facebook in general but have been asked specifically to comment and help on the legal end.

We are working on getting the facts of a Northern CA case where dogs were seized, the owner was allowed to take some of the dogs back after the post seizure hearing, but is still charged with misdemeanor abuse? One would think if there is abuse (or obviously appeared to be)  the owner does not get the animals back. But what is the point of the post seizure hearing–to determine if animals were validly seized– and if so, AC keeps them– or to determine if they were not validly seized– but AC still keeps them? Think about it.

Further, the shelter in the case mentioned above, was neglient (or worse) by allowing at least TWO litters to be born IN THE SHELTER because obviously, they did not separate the males from females. And this was with the seized dogs.

So if anyone knows about a seizure case of animals and is interested in giving out information, let us know.