The Missing Jet Took My Cheezburger

Feel free to pass forward, and if you don’t like it, we don’t care, we don’t use facebook, remember?

NOW— it’s Friday, so due to the recent legal stuff that has happened which is not in the AR’s favor, today can be a casual day at work and let’s pretend that the missing jet which supposedly can’t be found, tracked or anything else, contained all AR activists, one for each bad law that HSUS and ASPCA et al, have pushed forward (at a minimum),  to take our property, to squelch our rights, to harass and propagandize, to misinform, to over emotionalize, to employ deception for $$$$, to over-lobby, to use dog torturer people and criminals to push their lies, to blatantly go where no AR has gone before, to infiltrate the United States government such that AR tactics become government sanctioned, where AR laws become nationwide drivel, where every crappy animal that no one wants suddenly is the poster child for best animal in the world at auction for the highest bid, where killed animals taken via fraud,  can be left in heaps and then thrown in Piggly-wiggly garbage containers with absolutely no criminal fallout whatsoever, but if you or I did something like that, we would be in jail for 20 years, where the dog food promoted at $65 per bag has more nutrients in it than human baby formula and YES, even rescued dogs claim they “like it” on Facebook while wearing that $300 outfit bought from the pet store that cannot sell pets, while wearing  those stupid dog boots in 98 degree weather with 75% humidity, as all of the idiots who have been bamboozled by the nonsense and crap spouted by AR after AR after AR starting in Los Angeles, home of the wing nuts, brainless, and even I can haz cheezburger (only decent thing left)—we say this:



Let’s get legislation


to make it illegalth_bigstockphoto_Talk_To_The_Hand_-_Bu

…to look for ’em