Updated:  Originally posted in April 2012!!

A non-profit trade association, advocating for the pet industry, pet owners, animals, and the environment. PIJAC represents the needs of the pet industry and those they serve, promotes responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, and fosters environmental stewardship.  (an example of pet sales outlawed, not current, there are more than this)

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PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO OWN A PET! If these pups were sold by a breeder who wholesaled them to a pet store—they could not be sold…….If they did not come from a commercial kennel, could they be sold? NO, unless they meet an exemption. Usually they must come from a shelter. GO FIGURE. The only way a shelter would have these pups is to seize them or buy them. 
  • Posted: 8:45 a.m. Thursday, March 6, 2014

Greenacres to ban sale of dogs, cats from pet stores

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


The city council on Monday agreed to draft an ordinance that will ban the sale of dogs and cats from pets stores to keep commercial dog breeders, or “puppy mills,” from opening in the city. The ordinance will be similar to the one Wellington passed in January. Councilman Paula Bousquet has been championing banning the sale of dogs and cats, saying if the city decreased the demand for puppy mills, more people would adopt pets from reputable breeders. Two residents spoke in favor of the ordinance.

Did you know that it may be illegal to buy a Pet in L.A.?
The Los Angeles City Council is considering a ban on the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores. (It already passed)

Citizens may lose the right to buy pets from pet stores in the City of Los Angeles before the end of the summer of 2012.

An overwhelming vote by the Los Angeles City Council has directed that a pet ban be considered and an ordinance drafted. The Council will vote on whether to adopt the ordinance once a draft is complete and a proposal made to the Council.

Limiting people’s right to get a pet only hurts animals as well as the pet-owning public.
Putting legitimate pet stores and kennels out of business opens the door to an underground market.
Research demonstrates that pet store puppies are on average at least as healthy as those from any other source.
The percentage of shelter animals that originate from pet stores is extremely low. Research clearly shows that the vast majority of shelter animals did NOT come from pet stores.
Most pet owners choosing a pet store animal are very happy with their pet.
Those who really care about the welfare of animals work to raise standards of care, and eliminate pet providers who don’t maintain acceptable standards. Banning the public from finding their pets at pet stores does nothing to advance this goal!

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(we did not check to see if this is still active but it was at original post time)


We believe it is illegal to keep banning pet stores and pet sales,  on the basis of “rehomed rescue” saves lives. It’s pretty much an AR lifestyle belief being FORCED upon the public at large–eliminating competition and sales in commerce.

Los Angeles Ban, San Diego et al, Continue to Run Pet Stores Out of Business 

If you think about it, banning sales of pets and then claiming that “selling or giving away” outside is “animal abuse” under the new current law pushed by the ARs, means that only rehomed, rescued or shelter animals are SELLABLE and any commercially bred pet is NOT sellable.

A commercially bred pet being outlawed  (which lack definition but could mean as that defined under USDA kennels/APHIS)–means that selling something which is LEGAL is being outlawed. APHIS is Federal law and even if a commercial kennel is legal, selling a pet that was “commercially” raised is called illegal by the Animal Rights. Next thing will be to outlaw the sales of the food products which were “commercially” bred, “commercially” raised, or “commercially” slaughtered.  After that, “commercially” advertised, “commercially” labeled, “commercially” packaged.  Yeh, we see it all coming down.

Anything done commercially having to do with an animal, pet, or sales will be illegal in time. Hobby breeders that buy INTO this line of thinking are signing their own demise.



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