Pet360 Recommends Dog Guard Breeds, Not Good


Why we should not listen to what “” says? Supposedly it’s for “pet parents”……….groan……that tells ya something. They sell dog food and dog “accessories” and don’t appear to know much about dogs from the looks of their site in our opinion. Way dumbed down— to about a 4th grade level.

In general, the site is not a good source of great info on canines, and below– pretty much proves it. They actually pick out guarding breeds with absolutely no cautionary preamble, nothing about how kids might not really work with some of the breeds, and how some of the listed dogs will potentially be or  tend to be aggressive with same sex dogs, or even other dogs………PLUS most owners who are novice owners should likely NOT pick these breeds to start out with? In fact we hate the site. By only using 2 sentences below, they do a disservice to those who could actually use a guardian breed– but are not prepared for such a task, nor will they be– because they don’t “learn” as much as they need to know.

“However, these breeds were all bred to protect their families, and tend to be incredibly loyal,” said Steve Dale, CABC and editor of “Decoding Your Dog,” with Dr. Debra Horwitz and Dr. John Ciribassi, authored by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. “
“While these dogs might be just perfect for your home because of their desire to protect your family, it’s also important to learn as much as you can about a potential pet’s behaviors, temperaments and certain medical conditions before making a commitment to one.” 

They listed: akita, anatolian shepherd, bouvier, cane corso, dogo argentino, fila brasileiro (yikes), komondor, kuvasz, tibetan mastiff, tosa inu…… and it is a known fact that at least several of the breeds are known fighting dogs. Of course many people think all large dogs can be fighting dogs but we are talking about the history of the breeds.  Remarkably (thank goodness) they did not list generic “pitbull”, but another site we just saw online, did.

=====================================Below are just examples from U Tube— which probably do more to explain what “pet360” doesn’t. And notice that the lady talking about her “rescued” GSD (in video) wished the dog was MORE aggressive. Sheesh. If she had wanted a trained dog she should pay to have it trained– OR had the understanding that just because a dog is a GSD doesn’t automatically mean he will be a guard dog or aggressive? DUH. No brains.