Dog Taking by “Rescuer”, Obstruction Conviction


Woman Who says she rescued neglected dog is acquitted of pet theft but Convicted of obstruction

Posted Mar 31, 2014 11:50 AM CDT
By Martha Neil

  • A jury in Washington state has acquitted Judy Camp of pet theft for bringing home an Australian cattle dog she said was being kept outside in near-freezing conditions on someone else’s property. However, Camp was convicted of obstruction over a scuffle with law enforcement at a veterinarian’s office a few days later, according to the Spokesman-Review. She had taken the pudgy pooch she renamed Tank in for an examination, and the sheriff’s office responded.

She had refused to consider a plea bargain in the Okanogan County case, insisting that she had done nothing wrong by rescuing an animal she felt was neglected. Tank’s former owner reportedly used him as a guard dog, and Camp later offered the owner $500 for the dog, which was accepted.

Neighbors also were concerned about the conditions in which the animal was living and had made reports to authorities about possible neglect. Camp faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine when she is sentenced next month, significantly less than the three years she reportedly faced if convicted on all charges.

The article doesn’t include any comment from the prosecution or the county sheriff’s department, and the newspaper previously reported it was unable to reach them.

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In our opinion had this “rescuer” NOT offered to BUY this dog and had her later offer not been accepted–she would be guilty of theft. Her correct action would have been to call animal control if she had concerns. In Sacramento one summer, it was reported that a “rescuer” either took a dog from a vehicle or broke in to take a dog because “rescuer” said it was too hot in vehicle. The owner reported the theft and the sheriff told the rescuer to return dog or get charged with theft.  The obvious fact is not to leave your pet where rabid ARs will accuse you of harm or steal your animals– don’t invite problems.

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