Montana Appeal Says HSUS Profiteered from Video/Photos–montana—hsus-used-seizure-for-private-gain.html (click to read entire document)


….”The application and warrant made no mention of the deputy using private individuals to execute  the search and seizure .Prior to the warrant application, the Sheriff’s office had conveyed DeputyHildebrand’s videos of Mr. Chilinski’s property to employees of the Humane Society of the United States. (9/27/2012 A.M. Tr. at 220; Trial Tr. at 552.)”

 “ These private individuals were not paid or employed by the Sheriff’s office.(9/27/2012 A.M. Tr. at 178-79.) No background checks were run; noconfidentiality agreements signed; and no written protocols established.(9/27/2012 A.M. Tr. at 131-32, 139-40.) While on Mr. Chilinski’s property Humane Society personnel were allowed to take photos and videos. (9/19/2012 108-09; 9/27/2012 A.M. Tr. at 139, 194-95, 198; Trial Tr. 558, 564.) The Humane Society later released these images to the public for its own publicity and fundraising purposes. (9/27/2012 A.M. Tr. at 140, 142-43; Trial Tr. at 564-65.”

It is unknown whether HSUS was ever named as a defendant or in any civil case.

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