Stockton Animal Shelter Sued for Killing Early


Lawsuit Accuses Animal Shelter Of Early Euthanasia

By  Rich Ibarra

(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 13, 2014

The plaintiffs say the “shelter has a duty to help, not harm, homeless dogs and cats.”

The Animal Legal Defense Fund along with three people from Stockton filed the lawsuit against the City of Stockton. The suit is not asking for money, only that the animal shelter follow the law.

The shelter is required to hold strays for at least 6 days before euthanization.

But Animal Legal Defense Fund Attorney Jenni James says the shelter’s records show a different story over a one year period.

“Early euthansias are happening, 1,500 animals were euthanized before the expiration of the Stockton shelter’s minimum holding period,” says James.

James says 80 percent of the animals are behind locked doors where the public never sees them.

“Only about 20 percent of the animals are truly being given a meaningful chance of adoption,” says James.

The City of Stockton is not commenting on the lawsuit.

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PD: As most people do not know– when shelters advertise the animals they have online, and the public goes to the shelters to view the animals, MANY of the animals that go into the shelter, in particular some of the small or young or cute animals that would be readily desired, are never sold to the public. They go straight to foster homes and rescues.  For example, we have seen what we call “breeder” dogs get placed into shelters, perhaps from some debacle that happens, or where an older person without a lot of contacts simply gives up due to health issues or badgering— and then the shelter will make a big deal out of obtaining a bunch of desirable animals–but how many actually go to the public? Members of the public tend to NOT want to pay for a breeder type dog, they want it cheap or free.  In any event, there will be huge and stiff competion for decent animals simply BECAUSE SUCH BREEDER DOGS ARE USUALLY NOT IN SHELTERS!!

When this happened in Los Angeles, the shelter made a big deal re a mini poodle. They resorted then to AUCTIONING off the dog to the highest bidder, which ended up at almost $800.  When we see puppies, which appear to be very young, very cute and very expensive, trust us— they didn’t come from a shelter in most cases, they were either obtained elsewhere, or they were purchases or somehow obtained at a low cost. NO rescue can make any money by rehoming dogs no one wants. It is not possible UNLESS you have an HSUS marketing team teeming with propaganda, dogs with wheelchair devices, and 4lb dogs that look like tv commercials— and you would need a LOT of them to gain donations.  Take for example The Grace Foundation, which pimped off their “puppy” named Tiny Beyonce for all it was worth. The puppy was allegedly the smallest puppy ever, they toted the tiny thing to New York to go on TV, they claimed they were going to adopt the dog out, and people would donate to The Grace Foundation. Of course we knew when we saw the hype, the dog was NEVER going to be adopted out.

And sure enough, the dog simply created a corporation to be created, for profit, and the dog was never adopted out but used instead as a marketing tool. In fact, The Grace Foundation lamented that Tiny Beyone at one point, ONLY brought in $10,000 and not more.  Need we say more?  Oh yes– and the picture above, as shown in the article is pretty much what you might see in a shelter.  We recommend you BUY a dog instead. A puppy that you can train. Sure, we own or have owned rescue/shelter animals. But for many, they are the wrong choice, especially for children. Novice owners should never obtain rescued animals, especially dogs, not in our opinion.  Very few novice owners are suited for shelter animals unless they get a kitten.  There is only so much training for a kitten.

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