HSUS is AR–Attorneys Agree, See Photo Example


February 19, 2009 6:22 PM

Petland Discounts: Pro Bono Work for Animal Rights Skyrockets

Posted by Zach Lowe

When Bruce Wagman of Schiff Hardin told management at one of his first law jobs that he wanted to do pro bono work in the area of animal law, the firm told him that wasn’t an option. So Wagman left.

Flash forward more than a decade, and animal law has become one of the fastest-growing areas of study in the U.S., with nearly 100 courses available to law school students (just nine schools offered such courses in 2000) and more high-profile litigation than ever.

Now, statistics from 2008 show that Am Law firms contributed a record number of pro bono hours to the Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, two of the country’s leading animal rights organizations–and those that pursue litigation most aggressively. (A third, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, did not respond to repeated requests for comparable figures and interviews.)

In 2008 major firms contributed 10,273 pro bono hours to the Humane Society, up from about 6,500 in 2007. The Animal Legal Defense Fund doesn’t track pro bono work by the hour, but the organization signed up 113 new volunteer attorneys–a record, and a jump from 98 in 2007 and just 63 in 2006.

“Lawyers are cold calling me,” says Wagman, the ALDF’s general outside counsel. “I don’t have to solicit anyone.”  [click link at beginning to read entire story.]


PD:  Really? Clients call us from all over the USA, in fact some of them have already talked or used Wagman, and they said he was very expensive. DUH?  He isn’t going to work for free if you are not an AR client…..  We don’t agree with the lifestyle beliefs of ARs. However, as far as legal writing goes, Mr. Karp (Washington)  does a good job in our opinion. We don’t agree with the opinions they write, just saying his writing style is better than most. We could probably represent tons of clients if they could afford to hire attorneys. But some of the worst cases are not only very involved, they have a lot of wrongdoing in the case,  usually by the people in charge (government) and it is all defense work, not plaintiff in most cases.  Most defense work in animal law will require a criminal law attorney and someone that knows animal law and also civil litigation. Most civil litigators know very little about criminal law. AR attorneys will believe that anything which is not perfect as to animals is abuse or negligence. They will usually never say it’s not harmful, since they are predisposed to finding harm everywhere.



BELOW– this set up DIRECTLY below— is

“OK” for ARs to SELL their animals.

See the caption under photo.



In fact a pet store in many areas, can’t display or

sell any animal (cat/dog,pup,kitten—for now) —

that wasn’t obtained from a shelter or rescue?

The AR next step will be that no business

can sell an animal, reptile,

bird, mice, etc.

Just wait— it’s coming sure as $5.00/gallon gasoline.


BTW we purposely subscribed to the HSUS magazine and they shorted us on 50% of the subscription. But that’s where we SAW the picture. In the HSUS magazine.