No Sleeping with Animals, No Facebook Either

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 By BedTimes / April 2014

sleeping with dogTo sleep, or not to sleep—with your pet—that is the question in a new survey from memory foam mattress company Novosbed. The survey found that an overwhelming 71% of pet owners sleep with their pets: 43% every night; 23% sometimes; and 5% when their significant other was out of town. Those bed-sharing pets also have favorite sleeping spots, with 52% at the foot of the bed on top of the comforter; 23% snuggling next to their humans; 11% sharing a pillow; and 14% snuggling under the covers.


PD:  Our opinion is  (1) not to sleep with animals. and we have our doubts that “71%” of people actually do?  And  (2) not to engage in Facebook. Sleeping with animals is AR to us and we are not in favor even if 99% of people want to do it.

It is a known fact that any animal like a dog, which is on the same level as the human (couch, bed, chair, etc) believes it is at the same level as the owner, so the owner is not the master necessarily. This is not to say the owner would lose complete control over the animals BUT– we took our own poll– with 11 people, so it’s definitely not scientific, but none of the 11 would sleep in a bed with an animal. In fact, 4 of the people (single people) would not even date a person that slept with an animal. Can’t say we blame them.

As for Facebook, we never did like it then and we don’t like it now. However, it’s good for one thing–if you can get your reasonable point across by others helping you by using Facebook, then it’s ok for a limited purpose. Otherwise, most professionals view Facebook as something that is like airing dirty laundry, discussing private personal matters online, and otherwise making an idiot out of oneself in general.   Other than that, we view Facebook  as something worse than day time soap operas or Reality TV. We don’t watch any of that but we have an idea of what it does. It’s all fantasy TV for sheeple.