Dog Bites 5 People, Only Killed After 5 Hurt

OUR question is not why the attorney had no authority to settle.

OUR question is WHY a DOG was ALLOWED to BITE 5 times, 5 people,  and NOT be put down BEFORE the 5th?

WHO wants to bet this dog was a “rescued dog?”

We bet we are right.  Only an idiot would keep saving bad dogs–and that would be some rescue person.

Rescuers SAVE dogs that kill kids. Rescuers save dogs that kill adults.  Rescuers save biting dogs, period.  Rescuers will save dogs that keep killing other dog, cats, or whatever.  Rescuers will sell 2 legged, 3 legged or no legged dogs. It’s all about the pity factor and getting money for the pity.

In our view, rescuers should not save nor sell nor “adopt out” biting dogs, then take them back and resell them after they bite again, and then keep repeating such antics.  A biting dog that has not been or cannot be fixed should be put down, period. Not rescued again, not resold again.  The insanity does not stop but it needs to.  A rescue group in Sacramento continued to advertise both biting dogs, dogs with less than 4 legs, and the like.  These same dogs had all been adopted 3 times, 4 times, 5 times.  Over and over.

This should never happen. If a dog’s behavior is that bad, and it has to be returned, it should either be treated professionally (which most rescuers are not professional, nor are they required to have any professional qualifications of any type in relation to animals) — so in California, it can just be a revolving door on bad dog in, bad dog out and repeat.  This takes away from decent dogs getting a home and focuses on that which makes the rescue a donation.  The goal of rescue is not to rehome bad dogs over and over.