Another “Shelter” Dog Killed 2mo Old Baby

Horror as rescue dog kills and dismembers two-month-old baby while his father slept

  • Aiden McGrew was two months old when his family’s recently rescued golden retriever mauled him to death and dismembered him
  • Father was sleeping in house with three-year-old child
  • Mother discovered Aiden when she returned from doctor’s office; Aiden died at hospital

Here we go back in 2012, another shelter animal (aka “rehomed” or rescue) which ends up killing a baby.  Although we don’t think it looks like a retriever or lab, clearly it was capable of killing but maybe passed the temperament testing if any testing was done?

Don’t listen to the crappola by ARs that you MUST adopt from shelter and rescue, or that you must “not”  get a commercial bred dog– as it’s doubtful any commercial bred dog killed anyone?

NO– you must use your brain and figure out what is the safest route for your kids, and don’t let animal activists force you into doing anything— they are masters at manipulation, misrepresentation, and masquerading their real agenda, which is to stop the SALES of animals, and to wreak economic havoc on sales of good animals, period.  They want everyone to BUY a crappy dog then spend $75 for one bag of dog food. Or more.  Then listen to AR dog food commercials (like Blue Buffalo, which was recently financed by Citi Bank and other financial entities)….

No one seems to believe that shelter dogs are in shelters for certain reasons–NOT all of them, but some of them.  Some are just great and their owners couldn’t get the dog a new homes. Hell, flaggers on Craiglist would flag any puppy or small breed dog.  That may have changed, but still.

If you have kids, AVOID getting a rehomed, rescue or shelter dog.  There is no way to know the background of the dog and don’t use your kids as a testing scheme. You are likely not a professional dog trainer and even professional dog experts cannot always assess every dog’s behavior, especially if it’s schizoid.  We have seen a lot of crazy dogs, believe us.