Involuntary Manslaughter in CA Child-Pitbull Case

We pretty much expected it.

One cannot have rescued “pitbull” dogs, or any sizeable canines,  and then keep several more of the same (shelter dog was pregnant so owner kept some of the dogs) and then leave a small child unsupervised even though dogs are in the garage. Kid got into the garage and got killed.

The moral of the story is that no child should be left unsupervised with ANY dog, much less 5 or 4 bully type dogs.  This guy obviously knew nothing about dogs and if he did know, he didn’t think very clearly, if at all.


Even if the kid was not left alone, do we really expect we can stop 4-5 dogs ourselves, if they start packing up and going for it? Hardly.  The fact that the guy was dumb enough to even keep all 4-5 together shows very bad knowledge of dogs.  “Thinking” that another adult was home even if awake, does not make the child safe– if, in fact, y0u have 4-5 of them (dogs) in a garage which is not secured.  The fact that one or more of the animals may have killed other smaller animals does not, in and of itself, mean the dog would kill a person.  However, it certainly wouldn’t be helpful in a case like this.  Many people never report dog bites— especially if they are not large dogs that bit someone. In fact most dog bites are done,  we believe, to family members by their own dog or dogs.

Be smart, either don’t keep 4-5 dogs together, or don’t have any kids around dogs if you don’t know what you are doing, and never, ever trust a kid alone with a dog, even a small dog can ruin a kid’s eye, or anyone’s eye for that matter.  Even if there were only two dogs in an unsecured garage, it would behoove every adult to check the locks on the doors, so that the kid could not possibly get into the garage.

And, ARs need to Quit pretending dogs are people. They are animals and they will do exactly what dogs do. Not necessarily harm people, but if pack mentality takes place, you are going to be in trouble.  Avoid it to begin with and save yourself some grief.  It doesn’t matter what the law is in that regard, because avoidance is free and usually much easier than suffering.

Of course this guy can’t own an animal for at least 5-10 years now, unless he gets some exemption. We think he should have to donate considerable amounts of time to the study of canine research, and then teach other adults how to supervise kids properly.

Dog safety is under-utilized and shelters should require safety with dog classes before ANYONE is allowed to buy a dog, period.  

We tried to get that started and no shelters were even interested.