Are AR Horse Rescues Failing and Getting in Trouble?

We suggest you look at the link above to find out how rescues (regardless of what animal) are in the news because of many reasons, lack of money, and lack of BUYERS.  When there are NO buyers for something, you do NOT keep collecting them.

That is why it is ridiculous to hoard animals from shelters if no one wants them.  People go to jail for years due to improper care when the numbers of animals are too numerous. In particular, cats are often hoarded by women who are cat ladies, and they don’t even try to sell them.  Many rescues have gotten into trouble for not taking care of animals and keeping the $$$$$$$.  HSUS has gotten into trouble along with their cronies for helping push a paid Plaintiff.

When we see these things happen, we can understand it’s about the $$$$ despite what the ARs claim, it’s always about the $$$ they don’t want anyone to make by selling anything related to animals, but it’s only ok for THEM to make $$$$ because they claim it’s ok.

That is known as the Okie doke and it’s getting very old.