So called Retail Rescuing? It’s Just Plain Greedy Rescue People aka 501(c)(3)

Well–  first let’s say that NAIA probably understands what’s being said here, even if NAIA doesn’t hate every commercial kennel in existence.  For that matter, no one should hate commercial kennels since they provide puppies to people legally, since such kennels are Federally regulated.

What is NOT regulated is when anyone does not register and simply is operating illegally— big, small, or otherwise.  They are not regulated because they would have to be caught to be either shut down or fixed. IF a commercial kennel is not following the rules, of course they have rules for how the Feds handle it.  The fact that most people do not get their pets from commercial kennels does not mean they don’t want the product— they want the product but don’t want to pay for it in most cases.

So if a shelter or rescue has the same exact product, at 50% less cost, would people buy it?  Probably so. But rescues and shelters— should they be BUYING dogs to resell?  Is that in fact their purpose?  NOPE.

And the only fault for most part that we have with the above article, is that the “PM” term is used as if it was a legal term, which it is not, despite one judge having attempted to define it in one lone case.  Substandard is substandard, and pets that are reasonably taken care of as pets can all become sick. They can all develop disease.  They can all suffer like humans insofar as inherited hidden illness or genetic issues.  That does not mean that every single dog alive must be perfect, with perfect conformation and health.  We are not buying show dogs for $10,000.

Most people just get a dog from friends and family or get a puppy from people they do not know.  Show dogs, which cost many thousands to raise, are expensive because they are not pets.  They are show material which is heavily invested in, to carry the line, breed, and etc.  They are generally NOT just pets, nor are they bred to be just pets. Hence “pet quality” means they are lacking whatever it is that would make them good enough for show dogs.

Most commercial kennel dogs are not bred for show anything unless they specifically raise expensive show dogs for sale.  That is fairly uncommon but is out there.  Paying $2,000 for a dog these days is not uncommon, and it is not necessarily a show dog. Since show dogs are generally about only 2% of all owned dogs, that would mean 98% of dog are not in show dog category, therefore, why would anyone care if 98% of dogs don’t get show dog food, show dog health checks, show dogs expense, show dog handlers, etc??? The ARs base ALL of their nonsense on some fallacy that every single dog must be raised with the expense, time, care and trouble that is spent on show dogs.

That creates the elitist mentality that dogs are then treated like royalty, even better than humans in many instances.  Go price the elitist dog food and see how many bags you could afford to buy. At $70 per bag, with $20-$30 for expensive treats, and vet care out the roof, very few people are going to engage in that unless they are very well off.  Therefore ARs want only wealthy people to own dogs so they can give them what the show dog owners can. Which means spending over $100,000 on whatever you do which involves the dogs.  It is fairly safe to say that most people are not going to and cannot do that.

So what it boils down to is that non profits want to make a profit, but a business that is NOT non profit should NOT make a profit. If that makes sense to you then quit supporting any AR brands and elitist nonsense that they peddle, including their errant propaganda.  Tell everyone you know not to buy into the AR machine, the endless emotional drivel. Just be normal with a normal every day pet…