Purina Sues Blue Buffalo First in Federal Court

Purina sued Blue Buffalo, and now Blue has sued Purina….. all of this is happening as Blue buffalo is working on an IPO to go public with their stock.  Very interesting, an AR brand (Blue) and a well known brand (not necessarily AR from what we see)– Purina.   We would vote for Purina. We would never ever patronize an outright AR brand, never, never.  To do so would be unethical since we advocate against AR brands, laws, and anything they do in general.



Purina-Blue-Buffalo  ( <—click to read complaint against AR Blue buffalo)


Watching the blue buffalo commercial on TV was like watching an HSUS commercial to us. Horrible. The marketing ploys used by Blue Buffalo are not only nightmarish AR— we bet the ARs helped them market the product judging from the verbiage used.

One look at that, we wouldn’t touch their food even if it was free. We saw not only an attitude of superiority, but also it smacked of the type of smugness that is attributable by ARs wherein they believe they are better than everyone else, that only THEIR beliefs are “right”, and that if you don’t go along with their program (no breed, no buy, no own) then you are a bad person and should not be a pet owner.

Of course, ARs don’t believe you can OWN an animal– you are only a guardian that must ensure your animal only has blue buffalo. It was so reeking with AR character  — we had to write about it.

Proof:  As seen online by Blue Buffalo ………

www.bluebuffalo.com/company-history states:

              “We don’t “own” our dogs and cats;

                 they are family members and                      “companions”

           “whom” we treat with love and                                                          respect.”

The purpose of the above sentence, is AR in nature; that implies means  pets are not owned.  In fact, animals are considered property and ARE owned, no matter how ARs argue otherwise. 100% AR propaganda advertising.

While this can be a marketing ploy, we do not enjoy seeing AR phrases used to sell anything– not food, not clothing, not cars, not anything.

As a propaganda tactic, the sentence serves to prove that:

GOOD owners “don’t own” their animals

GOOD owners’  animals are not animals, they are family

GOOD owners’ animals are companions, not pets

GOOD owners must refer to animals as people, using English proper: “whom” NOT “which” [whom referring to a person, which referring to property]

All of that subliminal while obvious wording, strikes us as AR advertising propaganda, and we do not support, donate to, or want to throw any $$$$ at such AR products.  Why should we????

More re Blue Buffalo going PUBLIC:

The Wilton, Connecticut-based company, which makes  food for cats and dogs, has selected JPMorgan Chase & Co, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc to lead the IPO, the people said. The people declined to be named because the matter is not public.

The company and the banks could not be immediately reached for comment.

Blue Buffalo, backed by private equity firm Invus Group*, was founded in 2003. Its products include the Blue Basics brand for pets with food sensitivities; the Wilderness brand which includes more meat; and the grain-free Freedom brand. Blue Buffalo also sells cat litter, pet treats and stews. The company posted revenue of roughly $600 million last year, according to published reports.

[*Raymond Debbane, an unknown and secretive private equity investor who is based in New York. Debbane is the man behind Weight Watchers International, which is the private equity deal of the century. This money-making extravaganza has been going on since 1999, largely unnoticed, and there is no sign that it will stop anytime soon.

Debbane runs Invus Group, an investment firm headquartered in midtown Manhattan that manages money for a few wealthy European families. Thirteen years ago, Debbane had an insight about the obesity epidemic in America, figuring that people would form a life-long relationship with a top-branded weight-loss services company. When H.J. Heinz put its Weight Watchers unit on the block in 1999, Debbane got the fund Invus managed, Artal Group, to buy Weight Watchers in a $735 million leveraged buyout. Research indicated Debbane is a citizen of Panama. http://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanvardi/2012/09/04/the-mystery-man-behind-weight-watchers-and-the-private-equity-deal-of-the-century/%5D

Blue Buffalo is looking to go public amid positive industry trends like rising pet ownership and an increase in spending among pet owners for their animals.

Would NOT surprise us to find that AR investors are helping to push the brand, especially with statements such as “we don’t own our dogs and cats….”


Statement of Purina

We’ve seen Blue Buffalo’s response to our lawsuit and have the following comments:

  • This is exactly what we expected from Blue Buffalo, a billion-dollar company that is not being honest about the ingredients in their pet food. As detailed in our lawsuit, it is time the truth comes out so that pet owners can make the right choice for their pets.
  • For more than 85 years, Purina has been in the pet food business, and 99% of Purina pet food sold in the United States is manufactured at Purina’s own plants in the United States. By contrast, 100% of Blue Buffalo pet food is outsourced and made by third-party manufacturers. Consumers have a right to know who is actually manufacturing Blue Buffalo products.

We are confident in our independent testing, and we look forward to proving our case in court.

We will continue to provide updates to pet owners at www.petfoodhonesty.com

Dear Pet Owner,

Purina believes that honesty is the most important ingredient in the relationship between pet owners and pet food manufacturers, so that pet owners can have trust in the food they choose for their pet.

In the interest of ensuring pet owners understand what is in the pet food they buy, on May 6, Purina filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal District Court in St. Louis against The Blue Buffalo Company Ltd., for false advertising. We took this action because we believe that Blue Buffalo is not being honest about the ingredients in its pet food.

Here are some facts we’d like you to know:

  • Blue Buffalo’s promotion, advertising and packaging repeatedly and unequivocally state that its pet food products contain “NO Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals.” As documented in our lawsuit, however, testing conducted by an independent laboratory revealed that several of Blue Buffalo’s top-selling “Life Protection” pet food products actually contain substantial amounts of poultry by-product meal.
  • Independent testing also shows that Blue Buffalo “LifeSource Bits” contain poultry by-product meal and corn. In addition, several Blue Buffalo products promoted as “grain-free” actually contain rice hulls, despite Blue Buffalo stating on its website that its “grain-free” products will “free your pet from the grains and glutens that cause allergic reactions in some dogs.”
  • Our lawsuit follows decisions against Blue Buffalo by the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In March 2014, NAD found Blue Buffalo’s advertisements to be misleading and disparaging against competitors’ products.
  • NAD also found Blue Buffalo’s advertising deceptive in a 2008 decision that recommended its superiority claims be modified and its “NO Animal By-Products” claims be discontinued when referencing pet food products that actually do contain animal by-products, such as fish meal, lamb meal and/or liver.

For more than 85 years, Purina has been putting pets first and raising the standards for pet nutrition – from innovative research, to food safety, to sustainable practices. We are invested in the quality of our food because we are a company of pet lovers. Our principles have guided us to take this action to stop misleading and deceptive advertising aimed at pet owners.

We encourage you to learn more about our case, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company v. Blue Buffalo Company Ltd.Civil Case No. 4:14-cv-00859 and the NAD decisions. View the press release.

At Purina, what goes in the bag goes on the label– From the Pet Lovers at Purina


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