Just Drone-walk ………………….Your Dog?

No Time to Walk Your Dog? Just Have a Drone Do It

In the future, the unmanned aerial machines could take Fido for a stroll around the block.

May 23, 2014 

(See link below for senior dog being walked by drone)


You know those days when you seriously don’t feel like walking your dog—or are legitimately too busy to do it? In the future, a drone might be able to help you out and take your pet for a stroll around the block. At least that’s the idea New York City–based videographer Jeff Myers offers in an amazing video of one of the unmanned aerial machines walking a golden retriever.

In the video above you can see Myers using his laptop to set a route for the drone to follow. Then he simply hooks the dog’s leash to the drone, which flies alongside it, guiding the animal along the programmed path.

Although we’re most familiar with drones being used by the military, in much the same way that GPS and cell phones made their way to the mainstream, new uses for this aerial technology keep popping up. Some of the proposed uses, such as dog walking and using drones to monitor farms, are promising. Others, like Coca-Cola using drones to deliver soda to exhausted construction workers, are, well, fails.

Still, this is just a prototype video, and the dog is well behaved—what the drone would do with a pet that hasn’t been well trained isn’t clear. We sure hope the robotic machine doesn’t come equipped with lasers that zap the pooch when it tries to chase a cat or squirrel.

————————————-PD    OK  we already know we would never be doing it, but the only time we could think it could   possibly, maybe, kinda sorta, probably [not  work] would be:

1. No ARs around— at any time, any place, any minute, with or without binoculars and camera recording

2. No bikes, no skateboards, no kids, no runners, no cars, no screaming people, no weirdos, no one with weapons, no one with shrieking babies, no one walking a dog without a leash, no cats, no other animals at all, no strollers, no thieves [they will steal drone], no pet thieves [they might steal dog] and we are sure that there are a zillion more “no” conditions

3.  No untrained dogs, no puppies, no dangerous dogs, no biting dogs, no fearful dogs, no banned breeds

So pretty much we can see it’s not something that we would do as it would lead to liability and also somehow likely endanger the dog. Maybe break some law in California. Maybe give an AR a chance to seize your animal. That would be the worst to begin with.