Shelter/Rescue Reality, Buying v Actual Inventory..Bacon v Junk



OH, it’s really easy to say rescue/shelters have all the best and the brightest. It’s really easy to give shelters AR groups donations, donations, donations, to CONTINUE the PROFITEERING??

But MUST one be FORCED to obtain and buy a shelter dog or a rescued dog?  NOPE. People should buy what they want.

The WORD “rescued” has become

a huge PROFITEERING ploy.

As these pics show (which were all seen online from a major rescue national site) you can see plainly, not all  rescue/shelters animals are exactly what people want.

And if in fact there are “puppies” [which there can be in rescue] then, BEWARE— because in nearly 99% of the cases, they will NOT know the parent dogs, they will NOT know the background of the animals, and they will NOT have had any actual behavior or  health knowledge of animals,  because they are sold without warranty, without guarantee, and without ANY indication of any knowledge of the health of the animal. And many of the rescues will not tell the truth about the animals’ propensities other than it may only have 2 legs or one eye?

However, the best looking puppies are usually those that were either bought from a breeder, or obtained from other sources and they cost $450-$800 on rescue. NOT $200. NOT $300. And even if they were $300, they come with no guarantee whatsoever.

This applies to nearly all rescues in existence. They cannot and will not guarantee ANYTHING about the animal because they cannot and do not usually know anything about it or the parent animals.

SO now you know that all  

or most of those

HSUS animals shown

on their advertisements,

were likely seized from breeders or similar…

Don’t be a sap and fall for the trap.

Use common sense.

*Warning………if you are drawn to animals shown below, you are likely AR

and should immediately stop reading this.


None of the animals below are something that

a normal person would SELL.  Let’s be realistic.

They would be begging someone to TAKE them.

 And that’s exactly the pitch, it’s the pity me, pity party,

take me and donate and hate people.  Sorry, it’s not working.





It doesn’t mean NO decent animals can be in shelters. They can, but it’s not easy to find and basically you are gambling.  IF you have kids, do not pick shelter animals generally.  Be very wary of rescued animals.   Try and only work with someone that knows the re-homer.  Do your own research and test out the animal.  do not allow a rescue to come and assess your home or family.  You would do better to go to a Craigslist person’s house to check their house rather than rescuer checking yours.

If a rescue needs to come to your home, run, run, run.  A home check is not a requirement from a shelter.  A home check is an AR deal– and WHY should they check your home if they didn’t trust you to begin with?  Forget it.  

You might as well let them check your CREDIT–hell, what’s the difference after they know where you LIVE???  Never, never, never give people your home address in general.  With the things going on these days, mail should not go directly to anyone’s home, period.  They will be phasing out delivery to homes anyway, so might as well get used to paying for a private mail box.  It’s worth every every penny.  It requires a court order to get the address.  That’s worth its weight in gold.