We Violated SB917, Are We Guilty of ABUSE Now?

As attorneys, we are sick and tired of ARs and their relentless laws. So the other day we decided to BUY a dog from someone in front of a pet store.

YES you read it right, that would violate SB917.  We are not part of the pet store.  We are NOT exempt. That’s a re-homed animal. That’s a dog going to another home, or at least a potential home. Yes, it’s right in front of the store. Yes there is a huge parking lot right in front. Yes, we were parked in the parking lot. and YES, the local shelter had their van 10feet from us while loading their 5 dogs up that no one bought…..

The Ars have forced people to transact anything involving animals so that either:

You must be on private property you own basically (otherwise it’s public or other common area public)…You must only sell at a low price (Craigslist rule)…You must follow APHIS regs (reconstruct your house if more than 5 intact animals of any type) if you seem to be one that falls in their vague category……you should NOT sell anything but rescued or shelter animals–by jumping on the Best Friend/HSUS/ASPCA bandwagon–outlawing sales of commercial kennel sales.

PEOPLE— quit being idiots. You have no rights if you are sheeple. This means everyone, not just buyers and not just sellers.  STAND UP. FIGHT BACK.

THE  “Animal Profiteers”







WHO ARE WE KIDDING EXCEPT OURSELVES?????? We are criminal defense attorneys but that doesn’t mean every law that ARs make are correct at all.

New crimes created by CA SB 917 which was pushed by all AR groups, including the fired legislators that used to take HSUS and other AR groups’ side:

SEC. 2.  Section 597.4 is added to the Penal Code, to read:

597.4. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully do either of the following:

(1) Sell or give away as part of a commercial transaction, a live animal on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk.

2) Display or offer for sale, or display or offer to give away as part of a commercial transaction, a live animal, if the act of selling or giving away the live animal is to occur on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk.

Note:  the “final” version actually exempts pet stores. SO if pet stores can ONLY sell “rescue,rehomed,shelter” animals, guess what? It means that the pet stores were exempted so they could only sell the RRS animals, DUH.

and one more thing………………

“We have seen and witnessed HSUS’s alleged deception. As HSUS have made claims and referenced the number of animals being euthanized in the US, they brazenly continue to donate less than 1% of their fundraising for the local shelters taking care of such animals in need.

In this video, Jenna Elfman specifically sates, “ The fact is each year over 3 million innocent animals, like Daisy, are destroyed in shelters across America because they cannot find a loving home to adopt them. That’s over 8000 animals lost every day . . .  350 lives every hour! But it is not just dogs and cats that need your help, the HSUS helps ALL ANIMALS wherever they are in need. That is why I am asking you to become a monthly supporting member of the Humane Society of the United States”

If you can help save an animal’s life for just $19 a month, why hasn’t the $122 Million donations received by HSUS in 2011, helped save these animals? Why was less than 1% of their fundraising given to local shelters providing for the direct care of these animals? By ignoring to help the local shelters who are involved in the daily care of these abandoned animals, HSUS is actually supporting the euthanasia of these animals.


The bottom line is that HSUS and other groups know full well that many shelter or rescue animals cannot be rehomed, regardless of the PRICE, regardless of the CARE and regardless of the MARKETING.  Therefore, HSUS can endlessly claim such animals need homes when in reality, many of them are so far gone, too old, too sick, too aggressive or whatever bad habit is exposed, to make it monetarily worthwhile to rehabilitate. This has always been true and it will not change.

If you don’t believe it, consider that the affluent wealthier areas do not have a problem with high shelter numbers killed. This is a known fact. Thus, we see it is more of an issue with areas of lower income people. To make any changes, you start from the root of the issue, NOT the bullshit that ARs claim (commercial kennels) or purebred breeders. It’s always been a SCAM and now–it’s more so, and evidently exposed by the $15.75million paid out by HSUS/cronies.

Tell everyone you know–we are sick/tired of it, and being told what is “abuse.”

It’s like that funny picture of the dog.

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