LA Fights Back:Tony the Tiger to be Decided by Governor,not ARs

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Lawmakers have decided to let a Grosse Tete gas station owner keep a tiger onsite, overruling court decisions against him.

The House voted 67-26 Friday to send the measure by Port Allen Sen. Rick Ward, a Republican, to the governor.

Ward’s bill would exempt Michael Sandlin — owner of Tiger Truck Stop and a 550-pound Bengal tiger named Tony — from state restrictions on owning exotic cats.

Bill supporters say the tiger lives comfortably and safely. New Roads Rep. Major Thibaut, a Democrat, said the bill protects a property owner’s rights.

Opponents say it’s improper to change a law to overrule a court decision. Animal rights groups say keeping Tony at a gas station threatens public safety and the tiger’s well-being.

ALDF out of California, has long tried to force removal of the tiger to elsewhere.  See:


G-r-reat news for truck stop about Tony, a tiger: Special law may let it keep the big cat

Posted May 30, 2014 2:55 PM CDT
By Martha Neil

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Lawmakers may have the last word about Tony, a tiger who has resided for years at the Tiger Truck Stop near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They passed a special bill Friday allowing the truck stop to keep the 550-pound cat, reversing court decisions to the contrary, theAssociated Press reports. Now it is up to the state’s governor to decide whether to sign the measure.

State law ordinarily restricts individuals from owning exotic animals, but the special bill exempts the truck stop’s owner.

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PD note:  Very interesting to find that ABA says G-R-E-A-T that the tiger might remain…as most of the ABA  attorney delegates in animal law seem to be leaning toward animal rights from what we have seen, for example, the guy (Wagman) that either wrote or helped write the Animal Law Casebook and Materials, 3rd-5th Edition…..

 The ABA should realize, and may not know, that HSUS, ASPCA and other major AR groups paid out $9.5m and $15.75m on RICO charges as alleged by Feld Entertainment.

In fact, most state court judges know absolutely NOTHING about animal rights. And we mean NOTHING.