Super PAC Aims at HSUS Following RICO $15.75m Payout

It looks like a   NEW enemy against HSUS— with a lot of money to come– has now started the war chest……………

How an AR site sums it up:

The Protect the Harvest Political Action Committee is a “social welfare” nonprofit that seeks to teach the public about “the benefits of farming, ranching and hunting” and to advocate “for the right to conduct such activities.”

According to paperwork filed with theFederal Election Commission, an organization based in Iowa dedicated to battling, what they are calling, “the radical animal rights movement” has launched a new super PAC.

Super PACs (Political Action Committee) can solicit unlimited contributions legally to produce political advertisements, but only if their spending is not coordinated with a candidates’ campaigns.

Their intentions have been made clear to the elections lead that they will be raising funds in “unlimited amounts” to support the election or defeat of federal candidates — they are looking to protect  their rights, freedoms and way of life through legal safeguards for farmers, sportsmen and animal “owners.”

Between October 2011 and December 2012, tax records show about $927,000 raised by Protect the Harvest. However, as a “social welfare” nonprofit, they are not required to publicly disclose donors.

Protect the Harvest says on its website,

“the animal rights movement in America,

led by the Humane Society of the United States,

has evolved into a wealthy and successful

attack group determined to

end the consumption of meat,

threaten consumer access to affordable food,

eliminate hunting, outlaw rodeos and circuses and

even ban animal ownership (including pets) altogether.”


AND, as we well know after the years following “Katrina” when the HSUS could never and did not ever, account for the missing $$$ gained from “Katrina” proceeds— the bad laws against animals/owners soon followed, with HSUS leading the charge with its raids, seizures, acting like the police, ignoring the rights of owners, claiming that no animals should be sold by anyone except whomever HSUS says is good enough.

By sheer repetition and the same mantra that “if you buy a puppy you cause a shelter animal to die” propaganda, HSUS+Best Friends continued their Jihad-esqe methods over and over and over like a well worn broken record until it was done so many times, we are able to predict their strategy—-but stopping it is another matter.  It takes $$$ to stop propaganda, or it takes huge numbers of people willing to speak up.  and most pet owners do not speak up, much less even know what is going on?

What groups like HSUS/their propaganda+ lobbying efforts actually do?

They use propaganda widely and enormously to fool and deceive the UN-informed.

ALL AR groups use propaganda as their #1 marketing device.

Let us tell y’all right now. Never in a million years would we EVER take the side of AR activists. EVER. NO amount of $$$ or any other possible renumeration could force us to take their side.  We personally don’t believe that HSUS can REALLY wage a financial battle against mainstream food industry, mainstream agriculture or fast food. HSUS would run out of $$ very quickly. Big AG and even big food companies have never really prepared for the HSUS propaganda. While the public might want to eat healthier, that doesn’t mean people will actually do it. It is their choice.

HSUS can only resort to claims of abuse,expose stories, seizures, and blatant pictures and videos…….as a marketing device.  Which then fools the VOTERS. In other words, HSUS needs EXTREMIST methods. The hidden agenda [of the Animal Rights 12 Steps.]

IF in fact the mainstream agriculture and food people REALLY wanted to “fight”  back, yes, you mudsling and get your own people elected,  BUT there would need to be an anti HSUS marketing group which staves OFF what HSUS is doing, BEFORE they do it —- rather than after.  For example, humanewatch has consistently placed very large and expensive ads in newspapers re the HSUS, and huge signs in Times Square. We are sure some people are aware of that.

Yet, we have seen pet authors like Gina Spadifori (who we think is an AR brown noser) who claim that HSUS is just fine as a group, and there are no black helicopters. Spadifori stood outside Petland pet store in Roseville CA along with HSUS Jennifer Fearing, and YES, they got the store closed down with all the incessant  signs and protesting in front.

Unfortunately, HSUS has NEVER been fine as a group, and yes there are raids galore which are likely never known about. Dogs are killed by the hundreds because they CAN be killed, such as in Louisiana, HSUS made the law that dogs which are claimed to be sold as fighting dogs can all be killed as contraband. There is no proof needed (such as saving the dogs for evidence), all it takes is someone to sign an affidavit? Once that is used, seized animals are as good as dead. Usually pitbulls.

The truth is that so called “big-AG” and “commercial”  food processers have been too complacent. Ranchers and farmers became targets and figured they could get by, but they underestimated the crafty HSUS with no holds barred.   For example the eggie law in CA that passed in 2008,  did not have much opposition but should have had HUGE opposition based on science, not fairy tales and HSUS “pictures.” It was too late when they (the eggie people)  attempted to use money earmarked for other purposes and HSUS snuffed out that plan.

Creating the Super Pac is a start.  Involving credible and conservative people who do not believe in terrorism, and have them join the side of normal people to keep normal laws, NOT extremist laws that attorneys are forced to try and overturn. Better to win by shutting it down so it cannot ever pass muster with ANY legislature to begin with. Not to mention Congress.

There is no animal rights lawsuit (such as the circus case involving RICO)– that should be allowed to take 14 years of any court’s time, period. 

LEARN FROM THE DOG. Even dogs know when people are stupid.