Call to Action re HSUS, Lerner, Lobbying

Please see link and do your part to help fight against the AR menace:
From Frank Losey, attorney consultant to the APHIS lawsuit:
Now that Ms. Lois Lerner has been found to be in Contempt of Congress, I believe a “Window of Opportunity” now exists that could result in a critical mass of Members of Congress finally connecting the dots between the fact that Lois Lerner was a Member of theHSUS and Lois Lerner protected theHSUS from being scrutinized by the IRS which prohibits excessive Lobbying and Prohibited Political Campaign Activities by a “public charity”, while simultaneously targeting conservative organizations.  And when those “dots are connected,”  Congressional pressure will mount for the Treasury Department and its Inspector General for Tax Administration to expedite conclusion of its investigation of my documented complaint that was filed over a year ago.  (IG Complaint Number 55-1307-0105-C)I would appreciate if you would take 15 minutes and do the following, which could ultimately result in the IRS to revoking the tax-exempt, public charity status of the HSUS, and assessing back taxes, penalties and interest against the HSUS that could exceed $100 Million Dollars?

First, read the attached which gives the background as to how we collectively may create Congressional Pressure on the Treasury Department and the IRS to admit that Lois Lerner, who was a Member of the HSUS, allowed the HSUS to spend OVER $500 MILLION ON EXCESSIVE LOBBYING, AND PROHIBITED POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES, SUCH AS ENDORSING THE THEN SENATOR OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT.

Second, make two phone calls to the Office of the Speaker of the House and the Office of the House Oversight Committee and leave a 90 second message.  The script for the message is set out in the attached Background Paper.

Third, urge your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Thank You!


PS:  I am sending this Call to Action to addressees that include breeders, farmers, ranchers, hunters and all categories of individuals who are the “targets” of the HSUS.  Please do the same.