What Propaganda Words Look Like?

We saw the blurb on HSUS slush fund site, then changed the propaganda words to what they really should say to the public if they were telling the truth………..

“Super PACS Form to Promote Animal Abuse” Combat Animal Rights Propaganda

Every day, every minute, animals  die out in the wild are at risk somewhere, whether they’re languishing in abusive puppy mills, while animals in legal commercial kennels,  confined in or  metal cages on industrial factory  and legal  large farms where they will never be “good enough can barely move enough to suit animal rights activists” an inch  or caught up in some other enterprise …. business  that puts profit over animal rights’ wishes….is always called profiteering unless the animal activists do it, in which case they call it donations???  welfare   

And as much as we’ve gained ground in our efforts to help those animals, our  OWN special interests groups of animal rights, as non profits, we pay no taxes, but we are still part of interstate commerce nationally……it’s still the case that there are wealthy special interests and hard-hearted working individuals trying to keep a reasonable business going them in the crates and mills to guarantee their further suffering. They work every day to keep economic business alive while maintaining reasonable accountability.                                           perpetuate the status quo, and even to deregulate animal use industries so that they have nothing to fear and no accountability. They want just the appearance of legal protections for animals, or no laws at all.  the public to realize that Animal Rights groups don’t always tell the truth and in fact, they often misrepresent facts by simply using propaganda.  But if you don’t understand how propaganda is used, you may not realize what it is when you see it!

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