Attempt Made on Horse Owner’s Life, Trial to Start 6/16/14

In the well known alleged  “horse abuse” case, termed the  “Susanville 70” by The Grace Foundation, and often publicized by The Grace Foundation of El Dorado Hills, CA,  the trial proceedings were to start up on Monday 6/16/14 or close thereto, with the purported “felony” counts against the horse owner, being numerous; more than 60 counts.  The Judge has now required the District Attorney to modify their charging document to specifically name and identify which horses, what dates, and what alleged abuse is supposed to have transpired.  We suspect this would delay the case.

But even further, the horse owner was recently allowed by the Judge in civil court, to RETURN TO THE LAND THAT HE DOES NOT OWE ANY MONEY ON, and to take physical possession of the residence, apparently while the bank mortgage case is still in limbo.  The Judge will be or has ended the “Receiver” put in place illegally by the banks, and when we say illegally, we say it because our review of the documents from the court indicate it was done improperly and likely on purpose.  Therefore our opinion is that it is not legal.  Return to “possession” is supposedly effective July 1, 2014.

However, just a few days ago, the horse owner was inside a vehicle and on the side of the road alone, and a person came up to the driver’s side door and attacked horse owner’s face with some type of blunt instrument such as a pipe. Horse owner suffered likely a broken nose and requires hospitalization to repair eye socket damage?

Judging from the facts of this case, it is exceptionally specious to see such things happen right before trial is to start. But in Lassen County, lawful and unlawful apparently mean the same thing: unlawful.

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