Bank Claims Grace Fdn Horse Rescue Lacking IRS 990s, Bd. of Directors?

We have long known that the Grace Foundation was not following protocol for a non profit, they were not following corporate governance procedure, and the rescue’s actions were definitely not what one would expect of a valid “non profit” operation. Anyone can look up on the CA Attorney General’s website, a registered non profit.  We even know people who talked to the Attorney General’s Office re this issue, and the AG simply did not seem to care or return calls.

In any event, the bank or banks (Wells Fargo at least) is now claiming that The Grace Foundation had no board of directors since 2010 or 2011, perhaps because they all resigned? We saw at least one letter sent to The Grace Foundation and the alleged Board of Directors, wherein they were openly told that they were not following corporate governance?  However the CEO (Beth De Caprio) continued to press forward that the horse owner (“Susanville70”) was guilty of animal abuse and killing while she kept fundraising for the many horses that she couldn’t really afford in the first place?

This was obvious because she put it on her website, Facebook, made videos and published them online, and basically made a spectacle out of everything she did. The bank attorney Ryan also put such data online, and chronicled his own actions on Facebook and other places, making sure that he looked like he was “helping” the horses while hating the horse owner, and denigrating Lassen County at the same time. But of course, the bank attorney never mentioned all the actions he did in the court records, which are the subject of the horse owner’s appeal in Third District Court of Appeal. No doubt the bank attorney thought he would go out in a blaze of glory–well—perhaps getting a $$$ settlement from Grace’s insurance was his bragging point. Did he tell people he was taken off the case in Lassen and had to be replaced by other Bryan Cave attorneys from San Francisco? That the bankruptcy court in Eastern District, has NOT dismissed the bankruptcy—3years after the debacle?

Unfortunately, it takes big $$$ and a lot of planning to orchestrate an expensive lawsuit, and if one was already in the mix and not telling the truth, we figured it would come out later.  And so it has. We predicted Grace would and should file bankruptcy, and our bet is that her non profit will be shut down.  It should be shut down, despite many people “believing” that it was run properly– it was not. Especially the reporter “Mike” from the local online news, who bought into everything Grace told them or him?  No surprise there.  Just another errant non profit which claimed to bring in $500,000, $700,000 and now hasn’t reported to the IRS (at least online) since 2011?   We were right again.  Another one bites the dust.

From what we have seen in many court documents, Grace, bank attorney Ryan and Lassen County should have known that seizing the horses via improper “receiver” without any due process involved was an illegal seizure, no matter what they claim. One cannot keep moving forward on an illegal event and then keep claiming it does not matter when in fact,  it is THE pivotal element to the case?

So when Grace has her case in Los Angeles, it just made it that much more costly and difficult, because Grace still tries to blame the banks, and the banks still try to blame Grace, and Lassen is somewhere in the middle (Grace blames Lassen of course…) All of the parties–bank attorney Timothy Ryan(for the banks), Lassen and Grace, are all at fault.

Had bank attorney Ryan just minded his own business and allowed Lassen and Grace to screw up the animal seizure, that would be one thing?  But no, the bank attorney had to use a “receiver” who allegedly then surrendered the animals to Lassen to give to Grace, creating the nightmare from Hell. A rents and profits receiver has no authority to surrender personal property without following the applicable code for animal seizure, and the animal control did not follow the code, nor did Grace.

And last but not least, we do not believe De Caprio is not going to testify in the horse “abuse” case…..unless Lassen County calls her?  Faint chance.  They hate her. She is not an expert. We gotta say, she kinda created her own karma. Even her own Board of Directors is gone.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.