Is This Racial Profiling or Propaganda by 2 of the Worst?

Gag, gag, gag a thousand times y’all………

BEcause we have done rescue for many years, we feel qualified to voice an opinion on this “HSUS ASPCA” fluffy butt piece of what??? We also noted by surveilling HSUS crappola prior, that HSUS is now bringing their homeboy propaganda to the black people who own pitbulls in low income areas?  Yeah, you read that right. And notice who is sitting below in the picture? MInorities, which is straight out of the NON AR playbook?

99% of ARs are white females. and they don’t bother to target the gang areas of Los Angeles, which provides at least 50% of the intake of dogs, and killed dogs, in the worst Los Angeles shelter? Instead, the ARs focus on breeding laws of commercial kennels, or outlawing pet stores.

Thus now HSUS and ASPCA apparently, are now deciding to focus on those “lower” income areas, with lower income clients, and then claiming to “HELP” them??? Maybe like they helped in KATRINA??????  See this nonsense:

“Beginning this month, HSUS is partnering with PetSmart Charities to provide a $50,000 Pets for Life grant to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services for the sole purpose of identifying and bringing more critical pet-care services to underserved people and pets in the 78207 ZIP code area of City Council District 5. ”  We think we are going to barf.

What this really means is, HSUS and PetSmart threw down a pittance to ALTER the low income people’s animals BUT ONLY chose FIVE cities nationwide. “San Antonio was one of only five cities in the nation to receive HSUS’s annual Pets for Life grant and among 22 communities that have been selected as a grant recipient since the program was launched in 2011.” Big freakin deal.

And $125 million was spent to draft anti buy, anti own, anti breed, anti pet store, anti hunting, anti just about everything!     We can guarantee in that  “$50,000”, they do not provide any low cost care except altering and MAYBE a vaccination which would NOT be required as most shelter animals are already vaccinated.

BEfore the $15.75 payout by HSUS/cronies, HSUS had a picture of a black guy with a pitbull and was claiming HSUS is now focused on helping low income people get vet care for animals.

NOW…  post $15.75million payout, HSUS is saying they have a LIST of spay/neuter help nationwide, and asks other groups to give them their data for such programs?  REALLY?  And instead of the black guy and pitbull, there is a video of a kitten in a cage?  Who is fooling who here?

For the ENTIRE time we did and still do rescue, we ALWAYS used NO questionnaire– ever— and simply had assigned one person who understood dogs/owners very well—ask each prospective adopter to tell US why they would be suitable for a specific animal. If they could not spell it out for us, we knew it would not likely work out.

NOT surprisingly, many “adopters” are very dumb because they have bought into the AR mantras and propaganda from many years back.  You know they are stupid when they want to adopt a puppy and have 3 kids, 1mo old, 2yr old, 5yr old , don’t know how to train a dog, have a one income earner, live in an apartment, and don’t know anything at all about animals. One should never adopt a puppy when one has a newborn, period. And if they already have a cat but don’t take care of it, forget it.

What we just said has absolutely nothing to do with any minority people. Nearly 98% of adopters we have had are white females/families. So you can see that the illustration below, depending on who publishes it– can mean many things. We feel bad for the people shown, because they don’t realize how they are being used by the AR faction.

Not that far off from Katrina we might say? Also the implication is that by “open” adoptions, it means black people can now qualify? Who are they kidding?


Go Ahead, Try It: Open Adoptions

Who needs ‘em?

If you attended the special session on “Mythbusters: Finding the Perfect Home” at HSUS Animal Care Expolast week, you learned from Todd Cramer of PetSmart Charities, Betsy McFarland of HSUS and the ASPCA’s own Dr. Emily Weiss that many long-held beliefs about who will make a good adopter—and how to find that “perfect” adopter—are actually barriers that can prevent animals from going home.

How to bust through those barriers? More and more shelters are looking to open adoptions—a system that does away with hard, fast policies and adoption applications and instead focuses on conversation-based adoptions designed to help anyone walking into your shelter feel respected, and anyone walking out more educated.