A Family farm Critiques AR Turkey Video

http://www.fooddialogues.com/2013/11/20/i-wanted-to-like-it-i-really-did  (check out the cute family photo with the birds)

(Katie Olthoff is an Iowa turkey farmer who writes about her family and farm on her blog, On The Banks of Squaw Creek.)

and the New York Times also chimes in:

New York Times …  “The movie’s pro-vegetarian, pro-fast-food message is nutritionally dubious — and notably sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese’s. (This might be a good occasion to explain to your child what “product placement” means.)

The movie subversively suggests not only that we should avoid the traditional foods at Thanksgiving, but also that we should have that meal delivered. Never has a holiday film seemed to hate the values of the event it’s celebrating so much. In the end, as after a junk food binge, “Free Birds” is likely to leave audiences fuzzy-headed and vaguely nauseated instead of nourished and satisfied.”

This Thanksgiving, skip Free Birds and Thank a Farmer instead.


Folks, it doesn’t matter what holiday or what alleged “abuse” has been committed, if any was actually done at all………..when the AR faction spends $$$$ promoting its agenda, it’s an agenda, without any doubt.  It’s an agenda simply because propaganda and emotional issues are used to get others to side with AR beliefs that animals are essentially not just animals.

So in other words, one shouldn’t raise 4H animals but them sell them for food.. no one should eat any animal product because you must kill the animal to eat it. We have heard it a million times, go vegan, go vegan, go vegan.  We have nothing against it personally.  But don’t try and force people to raise transgender kids, pedophiles, murders and thieves either–because we got plenty of those already?  How about the ARs just leave everyone alone and quit the 12 Steps of Animal Rights while you’re ahead?  We know the ARs won’t quit.

They would all have to be brain dead for that to happen, we aren’t dumb. But we don’t give up hope since most of them are already mentally/emotionally challenged to begin with.