Dog Bite Attorney Gives Advice

From PD: Note– After the end of article by the dog bite lawyer, we listed a link to aggression in dogs that have passed temperament testing, we had published it already, but decided to add it in here again.  It is doubtful the dog bite attorney has ever seen it, but whatever, you get to see it again?

And now, on to the online “dog bite” attorney’s info as seen online (no, we do not know the attorney, we are just commenting on what he says…)

“dog bite” attorney sizes up the facts online:

Of interest, surprisingly, is that this was stated:

“Use Warning Signs: Dogs are protective of their territory naturally and by putting up warning signs or “beware of dog” signs, it will warn people prior to entering your property they could be at risk, and this can protect the dog owner legally. Most people will not just enter the property that has a warning sign that places them in danger of a dog bite.” [emphasis added]

Hmm….what we have seen [in defense work] — is that instead of it being a warning, intruders might ignore it or claim they didn’t see it, and then claim the dog owner KNEW his or her dog was in fact, DANGEROUS? From a Plaintiff’s position, which this is (using the sign) — some believe that a “warning” sign gives notice and therefore it  can mean  someone knew what they were getting into…..well, that might apply if there was a hole in the ground that was 4ft deep, and you posted yellow tape around it?

But for dogs,  our thinking is that especially if you DO have a breed that could be categorized as some type of  ‘guarding-type’ dog, this assertion could plausibly be used–that you KNEW it was dangerous? Maybe you thought it was? Maybe that’s why you got it?  [Even if it was not actually dangerous?]

NOT surprisingly, most ARs do not know canines or how canine behavior or genetics actually work; livestock guardians, guard dogs, trained attack dogs, and alert dogs– do not mean they are the same thing because they are not…

On the other hand, from the same site,  [labeled Never do the following below]  is exactly correct, and a few more could be added, such as,   do NOT take your dog to a dog park which can be not only a breeding ground for disease, but what unexpected errant dog will try and attack another dog, or worse, a person?  Never  underestimate or ignore that your KIDS do not understand dog safety and cannot interpret behavioral signs from dogs;  never allow children to pet any animal without first obtaining permission, EVEN if the children know the owner AND the dog already;  do not buy an unknown grown dog from a shelter, of med-large size, and assume because it’s a certain “breed” (Golden, lab, beagle,etc) that it is “SAFE”–big, huge mistake, same goes with obtaining from a “rescue”, “sanctuary” and even more so with dogs that have been returned to shelter, returned to rescue, or have not been professionally assessed by expert; such dogs have killed new owners and kids……….

……… Never lock up a known aggressive dog, and then leave the house with a child or teen present– this can only lead to bad/worse–if child unlocks dog, all hell will break loose;  do not leave any animal in a vehicle when it is hot outside, as you will be accused of animal abuse no matter if the dog was not in harm’s way [all windows were open and vehicle in shade]– despite fact that dog could be outside under a tree in 110 degrees, and not harmed, someone will call in your dog as animal abuse, esp. in AR cities; never  believe that “rescues” or “non profits” really understand animal behavior, animal husbandry, breeding of animals, or actual facts re canines, and whether they can or will bite–ARs know little and nothing about such topics, but pretend they know everything.

ARs will purposely REHOME biting dogs with frequency but they will not necessarily tell anyone just how many times it has bitten people? Like more than 10-15 times?  That it has bitten people for 2 years?  That they took the dog to a well known clinic which focuses on dog aggression and they could not cure  the dog?  That in fact such dog bit more than 7 people in the arm, leg, face and etc. and still the owner KEPT the dog?

How do we know this?  Because we HAD the dog via rescue, the biting was NEVER disclosed, and the dog should have been killed by the former owner, who is now a VET,  but was not put down. This shows not only lack of common sense, but an emotional trait that should not be used in vet medicine. There are far too many dogs that do not bite to spend too much time and money on dogs that are insane.

Never Do The Following:

  • Allow your dog to roam the streets or go unleashed
  • Go up to a strange dog without speaking with the owner
  • Tease a dog
  • Startle a dog
  • Disturb a dog caring for puppies
  • Leave a small child unattended around a dog of any breed
  • Ignore aggressive behavior warning signals
  • Forget to keep up with all vaccinations
  • Hold your face close to a dog
  • Eat from a dog food dish to be funny while dog is eating


and of the 3 pictures below, which do we think was the dog or dogs that actually either killed a kid or horrifically mauled it?  Yep, picture #3, mongrel dog. Not a large dog. It does not look like a Golden to us but they published it calling it a Golden.  And the dog’s eyes really look sort of rabid to us. We are sure the dog was killed by animal control.