New Storefront with Legal forms and Limited Advice?

Interesting, but do not use (in our opinion) for a case involving animal law, criminal defense, or any contested litigation where you do not know what you are doing?   (talks about the company named above/has picture)

Basically, this appears to be something like Rocket or Legal zoom type enterprise, except in person in Palo Alto, CA, you can go inside the store and then print out your docs and maybe get some legal conversation with an attorney.  We are sure that if any legal conversation is given, there will be something to sign away or waive something– OR— they will have a contract that you are not being represented by any attorney and they are just giving general legal advice.  We say this because after reading the website info, it does not say anything about how much one thing costs, much less any advice.  Essentially, the guy that started this has the trademark site which allows one to see if a trademark has already been registered, or if your new mark might infringe upon another’s, or something like this–we didn’t research it.

In our experience very few and almost no attorneys have any experience with  animal husbandry, animal law or criminal defense of same. The attorneys might know of a civil code or business and professions code, or even an agriculture code or local related business regulation, but we would guess 99% will not have information on animal issue seizure, defense, animal rights, or anything else to do with a defense of same.  A criminal defense attorney on the other hand, will have a much better idea of what needs to be done in most cases.