Attorney Poll Shows Nearly 80% DON’T WANT to Help the Poor

We think this is a CA poll used in asking attorneys a question:

Survey Results

Should lawyers be required to provide pro bono legal services to the poor?
I don’t know

As can WILDLY be seen—-attorneys voted by a landslide margin, that NO– they should not be required to give any legal services to the poor!!

So if you are wondering WHY many (maybe 80%) of attorneys believe they should not have to donate anything to help anyone, then you can see why the CA State Bar is making new rules which, if passed, will FORCE new attorneys into providing 50 hours of pro bono work during and after law school.

Quite clearly if done during law school, the  student must be supervised by an attorney; and after law school, the student must have passed the bar to be a practicing attorney.

There are more attorneys in CA than any other state that we know of….so if there are 5,000 new attorneys per year, that brings 5,000 x 50 hours to someone who cannot afford legal help.

We think they should enact 100 hours just for good measure.  After all, HSUS easily gets 10,000 hours volunteered for free??

Look at this evidence from 3 Northern CA Counties re the “Self Help Program” for family law, evictions,etc:

General Staffing Issues
According to respondents, hiring and retaining staff has been SHARP’s greatest
challenge. All the positions at SHARP except that of managing attorney have turned over  more than once. Respondents attributed this to the fact that the grant funds allow for only  low-paying positions without benefits and that staff trained at SHARP can find better  paying positions elsewhere in the region. Turnover creates particular problems because SHARP invests a great deal of time in training its new employees and volunteers.

Another staffing challenge is the fact that the managing attorney is only half time in this position. While this one-stop model, combining the role of the SHARP managing attorney and the family law facilitator into one position, has coordinated key functions for
self-represented litigants, some respondents said that the managing attorney’s workload is that of two full-time positions condensed into one.

SHARP had originally planned to provide a number of workshops through attorney

However, the program has not had much success recruiting attorneys as  volunteers.

We called re  volunteer help…… To do so, one must commit certain time frames to being there, and only those times will work. That alone is difficult because the time frames were during law and motion for family court,  for one thing.  A non government type group could possibly dedicate an actual weekend to the cause, and we mean more than once a year.