How Techno Helps Convict+Sexting Doesn’t Help

Ok, this guy leaves his kid in a car all day long when it’s 88 degrees we all know ARs would have a fit to leave an animal in a car even if it was 70 degrees. But a kid?  That is, we have to say, simply stupid.  However, as seen on “TV” shows for many decades, “you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you…”  YEAH especially if it involves texting, sexting, an app on a smartphone, and the computer, Facebook, Instagram, X rated anything, and you get the drift. But he looked up the issue of animals dying in cars? Geez……..

In real life, we saw circumstanses first-hand in the follow up civil case

, even though it only involved a small dog or dogs, when the preceding homicide case involving the Father that stabbed his son,  had previously sent a text that if the son hurt the dogs, he would kill him?  Does that equal premeditation when one is drunk ?  We didn’t do that part of the case, but apparently the jury believed it was premeditation and convicted on first degree.


According to the story below, the police claim that the sexting showed the father’s state of mind? It did not show that the father hated the child, it only indicated he was interested in sexting is our take?  But would a jury look at that and believe he didn’t care what happened to his kid?  Most likely so.–abc-news-topstories.html

The Georgia dad charged with killing his toddler son by leaving the boy in a hot car all day was exchanging graphic texts with multiple women, including a teenage girl, in the hours before he found the boy dead, a detective testified today at a court hearing.

The prosecutor said that he brought up the sexting on the messaging app Kik during the probable cause hearing because it “goes to the state of mind” of the defendant, Justin Ross Harris.

“He wanted to live a child free life,” the prosecutor said.

Mother of Toddler Killed in Hot Car Researched Child Deaths, Warrant Says

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The detective said that one of the females Harris sexted with was 17.

Cobb County Police Department Detective Phil Stoddard told the court that before little Cooper Harris died, his father took him to a Chik-fil-A restaurant for breakfast and while buckling the boy back into his car seat, “Cooper gives him a kiss and he [Harris] gave him a kiss back.”

Harris, 33, sat impassively in an orange jail jumpsuit during the hearing. Harris, who faces child cruelty and murder charges, has insisted he forgot his son was in the car and that the boy’s death was an accident.

Stoddard testified that before the boy died, Harris had visited the website Reddit to search for articles on life without children, and viewed videos on Reddit that showed people dying — by suicide or execution, in some cases.

Harris had also twice viewed a video that shows the painful death of animals left in hot cars, and had searched for how to survive in prison, according to searches of his laptop, Stoddard said.

The detective said both Harris and his wife, Leanna Harris, seemed unemotional after learning their son died. Harris never called 911 after finding the boy unresponsive in his SUV on June 18, Stoddard said.

The detective told the court that Cooper suffered a “painful death.” He said the temperature that day 88 degrees. But Harris told his wife the boy “looked peaceful … his eyes and his mouth were closed,” Stoddard recalled of the pair meeting at the police station. The detective added under questioning, however, that photos taken by police show that the boy’s eyes and mouth were not closed.

At one point, Harris told his wife: “I dreaded how he looked,” according to Stoddard’s testimony.

And Leanna Harris asked her husband, “Did you say too much?” during police questioning, Stoddard said.

The detective also raised some points about the wife’s behavior in his testimony. He said that employees at the day care center said that when she went to pick up her son and was told her husband hadn’t drop off Cooper that morning, she said moments later, “Ross must have left him in the car.”

The officer also said that he clearly heard a phone call between Leanna Harris and her mother in which Cooper’s grandmother was distraught over the news of the boy’s death and asked her daughter, “Why aren’t you crying.” Leanna Harris replied, “I must be in shock,” Stoddard said.

PD:  In most people’s minds, we would expect that leaving a kid in a hot car is very negligent, however we don’t think it’s first degree murder without more. It might be something else that would definitely ruin your life though.  If one believed a child could die in the car and purposely never checked the kid, never went outside to even look at the kid, etc. then it would not look good at all.  However,  there are dumb people out there that can look up things on a phone and still be pretty stupid.