Could ARs Create Worse Dogs? Of Course.

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Your Dog Causes Almost $400 Worth Of Damage To Your Stuff Each Year.

It’s hard to put a price tag on all the GOOD stuff dogs do for us . . . like keeping us company, giving us a reason to go on walks, and protecting us by barking at EVERYTHING.  But we can put a price on all the BAD stuff they do.

According to a new study, the average dog does $392 worth of damage to stuff around the house every year.  Making them the MOST destructive pet you can own . . . unless you’ve got a rhino in your house or something.

The second most destructive pet is a cat, but they didn’t give a dollar figure.  And the pet that causes the LEAST amount of destruction is a guinea pig.  Although a fish has to be right up there too.

Top 10 Most Destructive Dogs (Lifetime cost in damage)

Chihuahua … $1,468

Dachshund … $1,373

Boxer … $1,329

Dalmatian … $1,314

Bulldog … $1,270

Great Dane … $1.171

Husky … $1,137

Beagle … $1,031

Pointer … $1,019

German shepherd … $951
Top 10 Least Destructive Dogs (Lifetime cost in damage)

Staffordshire bull terrier … $301

West highland white terrier … $308

Yorkshire terrier … $383

Spaniel … $390

Whippet … $425

Shih tzu … $469

Labrador … $474

Jack Russell … $539

Rottweiler … $586

Sheepdog … $588

WELL…………..this is a study that we think was done in England which is home of Animal Rights and Ingrid…….SO– not surprised that the numbers are like this, in fact we expected them to be higher since most ARs allow pets in places where they don’t belong (in our opinion)…….making for more damage when they do in fact, do something.

If you spent $300 on planting nice plants, not including the labor to fix the yard first, and $1,200 on patio furniture, and one dog ruined all of it, guess what? If the dog then tears up the fence boards and your carpet, we are well on our way to several thousands of buckaroos.

Oh, we knew it………now it’s “separation” anxiety that causes dogs to behave improperly?

“What our study has shown is that this applies to dogs, that a glass-half-full dog is less likely to be anxious when left alone than one with a more pessimistic nature.”

Twenty-four dogs from two UK animal re-homing centres were used in the study and trained to know that when a bowl was placed at one location, the positive position, it would contain food, but when placed at another location, the negative position, it would be empty.

The position of the bowl was then changed to locations between the positive and negative positions.

Prof Mendl explained: “Dogs that ran fast to these ambiguous locations, as if expecting the positive food reward, were classed as making relatively optimistic decisions; these dogs tended to be the ones who also showed least anxiety-like behaviour when left alone for a short time.

“Around half of dogs in the UK may at some point perform separation-related behaviours, toileting, barking and destroying objects around the home, when they’re apart from their owners.

“It is not so much that they are naughty pets destroying the house for fun but that they are too owner dependent, more pessimistic.”

He said the key to curing the dog was to get tips from the an animal therapist which could use treatments to make dogs feel less anxious when their owners leave them alone.

“These treatments are very affective and can even turn the idea of being left alone into a positive experience for the dog.”

The study was funded by the RSPCA which sees a large number of dogs given up due to behavioural problems.

Dr Samantha Gaines, deputy head of the RSPCA’s companion animals department, said: “Many dogs are relinquished each year because they show separation-related behaviour.

Let’s be serious. Most people work and don’t have the dog at work every day with them.  Dogs that cannot entertain themselves are a problem in our book. Dogs that do not require huge time investment, excessive doting, and over-emotionalizing  with owner are going to be less work and hopefully if they are independent, will not necessarily destroy everything. The dog is never the master unless you are AR.