Tim M. Ryan,Bank Atty, Penis Measuring, Facebook+More


Here we see Attorney Timothy M. Ryan, now located in Irvine, CA,  playing his attorney game on Facebook; in this post, he is bragging about himself as usual…….. and even states that “the utter waste of time “penis measuring” contest that it actually was…”

Well, in online venues, Mr. Ryan likes to refer to small penis measuring more than just a few times.  We have no idea why.  but we could venture a guess if we had to?



Words of Timothy M. Ryan, 2011:

…”I did something about it. MUCH OF IT on my own dime.  it was “expansive” as you saw. Now, Bennett has been put in jail, kicked off the Ranch and the horses saved.”

“Wells Fargo is covering up NOTHING, stepped up like a fantastic corporate citizen to save the lives of these horses…As to Grace, they put their financial health in jeopardy by taking these horses.”

On March 30, 2013 Ryan wrote on the internet:

“The internet is a wonderful and potentially dangerous place.  We all post crazy stuff on here… and rib each other… and generally have fun.

I will tell a story… in very general terms as it is ongoing… but there is a very large cautionary tale here.

A few years ago I donated my time, dollars and efforts to what I perceived to be a very worthy non-profit.  I later came to understand that the non-profit valued the relationship not so much for my dollars or brilliance, but because of my connections to some very large institutions that could be the source of very large donations to this non profit.

After I informed the non-profit that I would not “lean” on my large institutional clients for money, this nonprofit engaged in behavior that some might label as “extortionate.”  When I refused the “demands” they found an attorney to sue me and my clients.  Oddly the attorney that the nonprofit obtained, fired the non-profit shortly after my version of the facts were presented to him at a mediation.

This non-profit, in an effort to extract settlement engaged in a very public campaign against me, my firm and my clients using Facebook, Twitter, its web-site, petition.org, the four news networks local to its facility, the major newspaper in its area, and all of the small weekly papers in its area.  It engaged in publicity stunts at my client’s physical locations, etc.  Each different campaign contained statements that one could construe as defamatory against me, my firm, and my clients.  Thereafter, I filed a defamation action against this entity as a cross-complaint.  I won the first significant motion on said cross-complaint, and now it has appealed the ruling on said motion (Anti-SLAPP for you lawyers out there).  I will likely win a very large judgment against it.  Sickenlngly for the general insurance premium paying public (happily for me) it is being defended under its general insurance policy… in other words… for free, essentially.

Life lessons?

1).  Don’t EVER volunteer your professional services to anyone, ever, under any circumstances;

2).  Don’t EVER write anything about anyone that disparages their character, profession or trade, and post it on the internet.  It can ruin you… the attorney bills alone;

3)  Buy as much insurance as you can afford.

SL  (SL stands for Strand Leper, Ryan’s moniker on this board)

” PS  if u are aware of the story, please don’t post links,  thx.”


Note that above, Ryan wrote the post, including not to post the links. Clearly his post referred to the Grace Foundation.  Why would he care?  Notice he does not mention that he represented the banks and Grace Fdn. at same time….could it be that his rendition of the events have some bias? Or is he just bragging again, about winning “defamation” claims?

Ryan’s own DOCUMENTS in court are enough to more than just implicate him in the horse owner’s case —– Grace Foundation made errors for sure. But should the bank attorney or anyone else make money off this entire scheme which was basically done by RYAN– and he represented the banks?

The banks with the attorney Ryan that tried to take the raw land [owner having no contract with banks] and the improvements– which were mortgaged to another person? It is likely the banks will never be able to foreclose; banks never had a lis pendens and after Ryan screwing up the whole case after this many years???

https://www.facebook.com/timothy.m.ryan.96   link to pic of ryan online

———————————————————————————————– below is the data which is posted online indicating that bank attorney Ryan is named Strand Leper (moniker) and has over 3,804 posts since 2009 on the site.

Summary – Strand Leper Picture/Text
Name: Strand Leper
Posts: 3804 (2.524 per day)
Position: PG1
Date Registered: June 22, 2009, 07:06:59 PM
Last Active: July 28, 2013, 11:00:18 PM

Email: hidden
Current Status: Offline Offline

Gender: Male
Age: 48
Location: Dana Point
Local Time: August 07, 2013, 09:59:01 PM

American Saltwater Angler Magazine’s Seven Time Angler of the Year.* Founder and former CEO of “Fishstrong” an organization devoted to the fight against fishbait-hands-smell discrimination.* subject to revocation due to a pending investigation by the FDA (fisherman drug association)

Here’s more from attorney Ryan, this time bragging (for 16 pages) but here’s just one example of him bragging, late October 2011….

“Thanks Robert… This was one of those cases that kept me up at night… Because I couldn’t do anything about it.  My part for the bank was pretty much done (other than tying up some loose ends). And Mrs. Strand Leper was getting sick of my obsessing on it. (in a supportive fashion of course).  And then brooding about it…

The DA isn’t a real good poker player… My favorite part of the abc story (the written part) is when the DA said that he was “never not interested in prosecuting the case.”  Really bro?  I guess you were just kidding when you told my source at a bar while watching monday night football  that you didnt have enough to pursue the case…. Thou dost protest too much!

Now that a simple google search for the story covers five pages of papers, tv stations and blogs and with Local tv in sacto doing nightly follow ups, and the world’s animal lovers’ (and the embarrassed population of Lassen County’s) eyes fixed squarely on this case (at least for this media nanosecond), the DA really has no choice but to go whole hog.  God help him if he doesn’t. good thing he has to face the voters soon!

Bill, you were right about small town corruption of course… But as you say about pr a@@holes, it’s just harder to lie to the public and pull it off in today’s democratized media environment.

Go unregulated Internet !  Go Matt Drudge !  Go concerned “Everyman” !  Go “pissed off county employee” who ratted out the DA’s intentions !  Go Zoners!

Periodic updates to follow.  Less obsessive, however. 🙂 ”

PD note:  It may be harder to lie, but we notice that Ryan had no problems in helping  improper situations and documents, etc, within the court files in Lassen County. The only players left are Lassen County, horse owner/real property former owner, Grace Fdn, and “Receiver” who was already paid off.  We have our doubts about what will happen, as this case shows no signs of slowing down yet. 2014, much new evidence came to light and owner was allowed to move back into the property. After all, he owned the 40 acres where the residence is located, and the banks cannot seem to get their judgment right against the mortagor (Mr. Allen) not horse owner, so guess what?  Banks have done nothing and Ryan was removed from case, and the Third DCA has this case on appeal, and the bankruptcy case is still alive.


Mr. Ryan is also selling off, or has already sold off houses, cars and other assets such as office building: Note– Ryan claims to have sold it at different dates, we have no idea what date is correct, however he claims he did sell it and moved his office to Irvine.


Browse More Listings in Office For SaleAnaheim, CA or California

Office Property – Off Market

The Ryan Building

1100 N Tustin Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807

View of entire building
  • Price:  (He was asking for 3m or more)
  • Building Size:
    12,100 SF
  • Property Type:
  • Property Sub-type:
    Office Building
  • Property Use Type:
  • Commission Split:
  • Occupancy:
  • Building Class:
  • Tenancy:
  • Lot Size:
    32,548 SF

Last Updated  71 days agoListing ID  18050961


Located at the high visibility corner of Tustin and La Palma, this building is a fantastic opportunity for an owner/user. The building has many upgrades, and is meticulously maintained. Brand new pavers installed six months ago, parking lot repaved, and stairs for both second floor entrances have been re-coated. Each 1st floor suite (4 total) is currently leased. Second floor is available for owner/user and has 4 restrooms/15 offices/conference and lunch room/ample open space. Second floor can be easily divided into two suites with seperate entrances and reception areas. 90% financing is available to qualified owner/users! 1100 N. Tustin Ave., Anaheim CA

Located at the corner of Tustin and La Palma, right off the 91 freeway at Tustin Avenue. Also very close to the 55, 57, and 241 toll road. Map of 1100 N Tustin Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807 (Orange County)


…and as for that underling attorney Mr. Beardsley, who seems to have quit the Ryan firm, he was to be on deposition on July 14th and they were not able to serve him timely.  Mr. Beardsley was the attorney that testified in Bankruptcy Court, and helped Grace Foundation do her “declarations” against horse owner. Beardsley may or may not have known what he was doing was incredibly wrong, improper and whatever— but he was definitely involved. did he quit the Ryan firm fast enough????  Time will tell.  Our guess is he will rat Ryan out and try to say he had absolutely nothing to do with it, and maybe even hire himself a defense attorney. Actually, we are sure he will hire one.


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