When Every Dog is a “Pitbull” by Looking at It




That is why if you buy a purebred at least you know what breed you have. OH– and don’t trust the Mars

Wisdom Panel for genetics. It wouldn’t be admissible in court anyway, for actual proof. Although HSUS tried to push such genetic testing in Colorado, that they wanted all dogs tested so the wrong dogs wouldn’t be killed by Korny Nelson (yeah we spelled it wrong on purpose) it is more than obvious that HSUS doesn’t know nothin’ about genetics testing and we are not looking at humans–these are DOGS.  ** It is our understanding that the base genetics used for breeds came from AKC, and that gene pool is limited.

Well– if we keep stopping sales of purebred animals, we won’t need to worry because everything will be a mutt mutt.

If you do buy a breed that is dog-dog aggressive (and there are many breeds that are) then beware of what you

are doing, to say the least. We were just notified that an alleged GSD visiting a family,  has now bitten same kids about 3 times, (not at same day or time) and the last time on the neck. Dad was drunk and didn’t take to doctor, hell, Dad IS a doctor?  Well we think Dad should learn a lesson. Don’t let dogs in your house, and if you do, make sure they are trained, and the kids as well.

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