ASPCA Called Animal Rights in Seizure by Circuit Court


...and this case went forward after the dog catcher employee, was terminated and

put on probation for animal neglect in 2011, with the “ASPCA” invstigating, and HSUS  “helping” by volunteers scouring the property of the defendant.

“In contrast, the veterinary and animal rights people who accompanied the two or three deputy sheriffs assigned to the search of property were more than merely helpful in executing the warrant–they were its executors; they conducted the search.  They were some 40 to 50 volunteers from animal rights organizations such as the ASPCA. They had not been deputized.”

Now–this is a published, Seventh Circuit Federal Court opinion. Appeal from the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.



and be sure to read the entire case link, because it shows how the people went back and found that the entire place had been ransacked…”it just generally looked like the garbage was dumped anywhere and everywhere, things were in disarray, some things were damaged…there was dog food spilled on the floors, dog feces that was just ground into the was just generally quite a mess compared to what it had been two days prior to that when I was at the residence.”

And that is what happened in the Pang case from Hawaii–the HSUS people threw everything around and then video taped the mess, pretending that the owner did it?

How many cases of ASPCA and HSUS antics do we need to keep seeing? How many bad cases published do we need to read?  How many RICO allegations does it take to stop these idiots?  Apparently it takes quite a few or maybe it just plain won’t stop.

Let’s just be honest…….ARs are all operating as one big GANG. Intimidation.

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