Bank Attorney T.M. Ryan Masked,Grace Foundation Nor Cal Posts

Our obvious question:  WHY does a bank “attorney” named Timothy M. Ryan of Irvine, even bother to post on Twitter– the following rants re The Grace CEO? For one thing, it was pretrial, and attorneys are not even supposed to comment on cases in this manner?  And why use the picture wearing the mask?  We are surprised he didn’t paint a picture of a penis (a small one no doubt)– on it?

And even if bank attorney HAD information on the CEO– is this proper to blab it everywhere online– BEFORE the trial had even started?????

It shows extreme behavior from an “attorney” that claims he is the best of the best in litigation.  We daresay– it shows he is an idiot. No attorney anywhere with any ethical sense, does this shit before a trial takes place.   PLUS–he makes attorneys look bad.  Ryan is already full of himself and claims he is honest. If that is true, hell froze over yesterday. At noon.

See for yourself:

Here, the bank attorney with his picture of himself wearing a mask, tries to and does expose the CEO of The Grace Foundation of Northern California, the horse rescue that the bank attorney was working with, to take down the horse owner (because the banks wanted the real estate property, or the property the banks claim they have claim to, despite not proving the claim)..

This attorney went full bore in the lawsuit, claiming that this person below (Beth De Caprio) trade libeled him and defamed him……… well maybe she did. But let’s just say this, Mr. Ryan is far, far from being an innocent himself, in fact he has nothing to brag about really………. Ryan claims to be honest and perhaps innocent but that’s way, way, way off the mark.  and he knows it. His actions actually make him a very ugly person, bordering on reprehensible in our opinion.

If the guy really had any guts at all, he would put his full face frontal picture and quit hiding behind that mask. oh but we forget— he’s the guy that keeps talking about the “small penis story.” or the “penis measuring” one…. go figure.   Judging from the statements below, we think they look like discovery evidence being used to get a leg up on a defense assertion, but making it public before the trial?  This is typical of Ryan as he loves to put everything public.  One day, he will regret this bad habit.

In any event, we can see bank attorney Timothy M. Ryan, of IRVINE— does NOT hesitate to say: