When Religion Doesn’t Count and being Gay Does?


Let’s see……..they mentioned Hobby Lobby case, etc.

What if ARs claim they are a protected class?  What if I have a rescue dog and refuse to sell it to someone I don’t like, like an AR person?  What if the AR is gay?  What if I just don’t like that person, period?  Wouldn’t operating a For Gays Wedding deal only be catering to gays, so if they would refuse to perform a hetero wedding, they would/could be sued?

Why is it that deviants always get the protection and everyone else gets nothing? ARs are simply deviants to us, their propaganda and misrepresentation take over the media, TV, news, and over 20 years, have basically brainwashed the USA and the kids who watch too much TV and look at Internet and Facebook all the time.  What has happened to people who can think anymore?  Has more technology and laziness impacted us so badly that we must bow down to every single deviant group or entity that claims they can do whatever they want and then make laws to say yes?  apparently the answer is a resounding:  YES.

and you thought free healthcare was bad for business. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Wait until HSUS’ new foray with PURINA goes full speed.  Who will get richer then?