Eggie Law Prop 2 Applies to Out of State Producers

Shelled Egg producers selling to California must apparently follow Prop 2, the initiative/its following amendment, AB1437, which states that shelled eggs coming into California must comport with Prop 2 regulations. In other words, the standard (whatever it is) of Prop 2 must also apply to any shelled eggs from other places, if they are sent to California. This means that the ranches which produce the eggs out of state must meet the criteria of having larger cages in order to sell to California.


“We disagree with the federal court’s opinion that Missouri lacks standing to defend its businesses and consumers against burdensome economic regulation imposed by out-of-state legislatures,” the Attorney General’s Office noted.

Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst said in a statement that he would take further action on the issue.

“The court’s dismissal of Attorney General Koster’s lawsuit is a lose-lose proposition for all concerned – California egg producers who must comply with a costly, unnecessary and unconstitutional state law; other egg producers who cannot market eggs to California consumers without also complying with this contrived state law; California consumers who will pay higher prices for eggs; and American farmers throughout the nation who can expect similar marketing restrictions to affect their products,” Blake said.

Egg producers fear the law will significantly raise their cost of doing business in California the world’s ninth largest market. The six states combine to produce 20 billion eggs a year, of which nearly 2 billion are sold inCalifornia. Koster contended Missouri farmers would have to spend about $120 million to remodel their cages to comply with California’s law or lose out on sales to a crucial market.