Misusing AR Slang: You Don’t Have that Luxury

Why Some Breeders Cause Harm to All Breeders Without Even Realizing it?  Are you guilty?


Mis-use of the animal rights slang word: “puppymill” (hereinafter PM..)

Do NOT use the word in any descriptions you may decide upon, for your own business. Or in general.  Why?  Because you are buying INTO the slang term that HSUS and all ARs have used, and you, like many others, are not a judge of what everyone else is doing. It is akin to using the racist word nigg** and basically it does the same damage. It is essentially labeling where no labeling need be done. If something is substandard, then it is not up to par under the law. But it is not necessarily the “PM” that everyone slings around.

Below is exactly what creates separatism, divisiveness and harm to fellow breeders and owners; it also erroneously harms buyers.

Advice like this– “never get a puppy from places such as a pet store, PM or backyard breeder” or “a PM is where dogs are bred  for financial gain, no concern for their health and the conditions where they are raised” or  “genetic health and temperament don’t matter, as long as the pups can be sold for money..”  Seriously–there are only a couple types of people that would say this. One– elitist breeders; and two–Animal Rights. ALL show dogs are sold for money. They don’t give them away for free. They don’t even give away rescued animals.

Thousands and thousands of puppies–if not millions,  are bred, raised, sold and are living today in many homes, all of which were acquired from non hobby breeders and pet stores; non professional people; farms, and other breeders. None of which are commercial breeders or USDA commercial kennels. Certainly, not half nor even 20% or 10% of all of such pups are unhealthy, sick or dead.

Or, “buy from a pet store, you are only getting a puppy, secondhand, from a PM”  Again, slamming every single puppy that came from a potential commercial kennel does not label it a PM by any stretch of the imagination, and it is both foolish and untrue to even make that statement.

Furthermore, unless there was actual proof that every single animal was somehow ill, diseased, defective or otherwise not healthy, the pet “store” must contractually remedy the situation. In addition, even the most expensive puppy in the world can be defective, even with genetic screening.

..”no shots are given” and these animals are candidates for serious canine diseases”…  Well guess what?

ANY puppy that is only 8 weeks old can only have had a few shots to begin with, since the shot schedule for puppies cannot be completed in 3 weeks? Thus ALL puppies that exist are candidates for disease, EVEN if they had two shots already. In fact, breeders are usually so terrified of shelters that they never step foot into a shelter lest they inadvertently step on something (God forbid) and track it back into their home.

We do understand that fear, as parvo can mysteriously move just about anywhere you don’t want it to go. Despite being a non airborne disease, it is highly contagious and vets have told us it easily lands on clothing and everywhere else. We have found (in rescuing)  that the safest method is to have puppies off the ground completely on a surface that no one but the puppies touch.

Denigrating commercial kennels: Elitist breeders and show dog breeders have long done this. However, now that hobby breeders can be thrown into the mix and have to follow the rules that pet stores follow, how are elitists any different?

They are different in their thinking because they raise dogs for show. They spend 100’s of thousands to travel to show. So they don’t just give away their animals. They pride themselves on competition and who is better. Who has more wins. That type of thing. It would be like they (just our example) are training for some worldwide competition but normal non show dog breeders are just going to high school class.

The thing is, the average Joe citizen really doesn’t care that much about the dog as long as its temperament is fair, it isn’t barking every minute, it isn’t biting kids, it’s friendly, it doesn’t jump every fence, and doesn’t tear up every single owned possession. Generally, it has 4 legs, tail and it can even be ugly. It need not be some stellar specimen.  Most dogs on earth are NOT show dogs. ALL show dogs must be trained in general, in order to compete. Most people don’t want to do all that exhibition training.

So when we see breeders and others who slam the word PM around, realize you are simply harming yourself and fellow elitist breeders. There is no need to take the animal rights language and further use it.

Quite the contrary….we should never use their slang pet labels.  If it is true that only 2% of all dogs are show dogs (and we think it is actually less than that) then in reality, show dogs owners are a very very distinct minority; and they are in many ways, unable to understand the average dog owner.

We are not telling people not to buy a dog; we just believe that some breeders do more damage to themselves by throwing around AR slang when they don’t need to even talk about it.