El Dorado Claims Lassen Co.: PC 597.1 Horse ‘Abandonment’ = Lien v Lassen County

According to information received from a reliable source, the horse owner (Whispering Pines, illegal seizure, began 2011), was notified that El Dorado Animal Control has notified Lassen County District Attorney,  that Lassen County is responsible for animals abandoned from the possibly defunct group, ‘ The Grace Foundation’, which has long stated that Lassen County, the banks and whoever was responsible for the horses’ care.**

This is because Lassen County has kept charges on and off on the horse owner, and in part due to The Grace Foundation’s actions of seemingly keeping the horses (as the custodial caretaker in an alleged criminal case)– while Lassen County and the banks never had the trial in Los Angeles, because The Grace Foundation director Plaintiff, never showed up for trial.

Although a good percentage of the horses are not likely the owner’s horses, it remains to be seen how many, if any, are actually his. And it should be interesting to see how the Lassen County District Attorney views the ‘abandonment’ under the Penal Code, which El Dorado county claims is applicable.

If Lassen County does nothing– and the horses are not kept by any agency, would there be evidence of the alleged ‘abuse’ in Lassen County? If Lassen County never pays, never has a hearing, and never takes the animals, and can’t even I.D. them, which is likely– where would the case go?

The reason this case is a big huge clusterf*** is because of the bank attorney’s “receiver” that really wasn’t one; and because Lassen County took horses from a “receiver” that was not bona fide neutral; the “receiver” was really the bank attorney. When taking one’s property without due process and without following the process at all, it is illegal seizure in many cases.
We don’t care how much the bank attorney may have claimed to win from Grace; what the bank attorney did was not excusable and was in our opinion, illegal as all get out.

** Below is what The Grace Foundation has continued to say online, summarized.


 Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Grace Foundation is hoping the discovery of this information will finally put an end to a two year legal ordeal that has financially devastated the non-profit organization, and left the lives of 42 rescued horses and their foals hanging in the balance. (PD: Grace already knew these animals were involved in the seizure/thus the criminal case)

In August 2011, The Grace Foundation, agreed to assist Lassen County animal control, Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America with a case involving  allegedly neglected horses . After The Grace Foundation removed the horses from the property, Grace was informed that a “last minute bankruptcy mistake impeded their legal ability to adopt the horses out”. The Grace Foundation was forced to enter into costly civil litigation to determine who is responsible for paying for the horses’ care. According to the Grace Foundation, Lassen County, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have refused to take responsibility for their actions and have denied that the horses were evidence in the 50 plus FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES filed by Lassen County. {PD: The Grace Foundation did file a lawsuit, in the wrong county–Los angeles, when it should have been filed in Lassen. In any event, the entire case was dismissed because Grace (the Director Beth DeCaprio) refused to go forward with the trial.

Lassen County is legally responsible for making the decisions regarding the horse’s care. Without authorization from Lassen County, The Grace Foundation does not have the legal ability to authorize medical treatment for the horses, putting the lives of all 42 horses at risk.

What is most troubling is that with conclusive evidence in hand, and knowing that the lives of the horses are at risk…LASSEN COUNTY OFFICIALS STILL REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACTS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

Sadly, this is not the first flagrant violation of the law by the parties in this case. Formal complaints have already been filed with The State Bar Association and The Federal Department of Justice regarding other violations by the parties, and a formal investigation is currently under way.

The Grace Foundation is also seeking an emergency order in Lassen Superior Court to address this situation and request intervention.

The Grace Foundation is asking for the community’s assistance in protecting the 42 horses and demanding Lassen County District Attorney and The Board of Supervisors be held accountable for their actions.

Beth DeCaprio, Executive Director and Founder of The Grace Foundation, believes there is a much bigger story here, and is hoping that the media will dig deeper into the facts in this case.

“This case transcends simple ‘animal cruelty’. It speaks to a bigger, more deeply rooted problem in our Country….just how far will Corporations and smaller Government agencies will go to protect their assets?”, asks DeCaprio. “This case encompasses

1–the illegal transfer of personal property by a Government official,  2—a falsified declaration filed in Federal Court, 3–tampering with evidence, 4–malpractice and now 5–a possible conspiracy to withhold evidence from the public and the Courts. What more needs to take place before these individuals are stopped?” adds DeCaprio.

The Grace Foundation is hoping that an investigative reporter will look closely into this matter and help shed some light on what appears to be deep rooted corruption among officials.

The Grace Foundation is hoping that by bringing this story to light, changes in the system will occur.

The Grace Foundation is not waiting for this question to be answered…they are pleading for the communities help to stop this injustice now!